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1.Happy Thanksgiving 2021: Funniest memes and messages

Thanksgiving Day is here and it’s the perfect time to spend with friends and family, relaxing, being grateful, having a nice ...

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2.Sword Art Online Wishes Fans A Happy Thanksgiving

Sword Art Online is set to hit the big screen in North America on December 3rd, with the prequel story of Sword Art Online ...

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3.Happy Thanksgiving! Walmart just dropped a ton of new deals — save big on Samsung, Bose, Nintendo and more!

Be sure to grab what you need before it sells out — the best stuff won’t stay in stock long, and we doubt it'll even be in ...

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4.Thanksgiving cheer from Hollywood! Celebrities take to social media to ring in turkey day

Celebrities were quick to make the annual holiday a photo op as they took to Instagram to wish their followers well while ...

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5.Former Champion Has Unique Turkey Giveaway Idea On Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone today. Former world champion Shawn Porter and his father Kenny Porter despite only coming ...

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6.This Thanksgiving, Remember the Curse of Ham

Julius, eating the ham with relish, suddenly becomes tearful. Annie asks him what’s wrong, and he launches into a story of ...

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7.Dolly Parton Shares Rare Throwback Photo with Husband Carl Thomas Dean to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Dolly Parton and Carl Thomas Dean, who famously shuns the spotlight, married in 1966 Dolly Parton is sending some love to her ...

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8.Thanksgiving without turkey: Celebs, animal rights groups push to change tradition

I know it’s hard to change traditions but just keep it in mind :),” she wrote. She wasn't the only celeb to take a stand: ...

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9.Macy's Is Auctioning Off Thanksgiving Day NFTs, And Bids Are Topping $300,000

A bidding war has erupted over 10 holiday graphics, with hundreds of thousands of dollars being offered for digital ownership ...

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10.Even after Hurricane Ida, LaPlace residents find blessings to count on Thanksgiving

They were packed into recreational vehicles and relatives’ houses, battling with insurance companies and praying for ...

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11.Guest View: A moral quandary of celebrating Thanksgiving?

Let’s tell the whole truth, but let’s celebrate Thanksgiving as a time to value family, share food and hospitality.

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12.Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar’s kids prepare Thanksgiving dinner days before disgraced son Josh’s child pornography trial

THE DUGGAR kids are carrying on with the holidays as usual as they prepare Thanksgiving dinner days before their brother Josh ...

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