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1.Can dogs eat Thanksgiving turkey?

So, is it OK to feed the dog turkey? Dogs can eat turkey and many other Thanksgiving foods, according to the American Kennel ...

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2.No matter how cutely they beg, there are just some foods your dog can’t have this Thanksgiving

This time of year, you know that they’ll be under the table looking up at you with those big, irresistible puppy dog eyes.

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3.What you can and can’t feed your dogs this Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just two days away, it is important to know what foods are safe to feed your furry friends who are bound to ...

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4.Vets Share What Thanksgiving Foods are Safe for Pets and Why Dogs Shouldn't Eat Turkey

It's tempting to share your Thanksgiving meal with your beloved cat or dog, but most holiday foods aren't safe for pets to ...

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5.What Thanksgiving Foods Are Safe For Your Pets to Eat

So let's start off with that Thanksgiving turkey. Should your pet have any? According to the American Kennel Club, the answer ...

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6.Verifying which Thanksgiving foods are safe for pets

Much of the holiday meal is dangerous for pets because of fats, oils, spices, seasonings and other ingredients that can be ...

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7.What Thanksgiving leftovers your pets can and can’t have

Here are tips from the ASPCA on what Thanksgiving foods your pets can and can’t have. A little turkey – As long as it’s a ...

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8.Holiday precautions for pets

The last thing any pet owner wants to do on Thanksgiving or Christmas is rush their pet to the animal emergency room! But, ...

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9.Table scraps at Thanksgiving can be dangerous for your pet

Thanksgiving dressing is often made with onions, scallions or garlic. These ingredients, however, are extremely toxic to dogs ...

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10.A Thanksgiving Miracle! Utah Farmer Releases Turkeys To Whistleblowers Of Factory Farm Investigation

Direct Action Everywhere As seen on Facebook livestream, factory farm investigators, who have been labeled “terrorists” by ...

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11.Dog Gone Problems: Tips to keep your dog from ruining Thanksgiving

Worried about your dog causing mayhem on Thanksgiving? Here are some tips from David Codr of Dog Gone Problems.

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12.Revealed! The top Christmas foods owners give their dogs

The holidays are a time of delicious foods, some of which can be enjoyed by your dogs! That's right, while pet safety at ...

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