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1.Can dogs eat Thanksgiving turkey?

So, is it OK to feed the dog turkey? Dogs can eat turkey and many other Thanksgiving foods, according to the American Kennel ...

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2.No matter how cutely they beg, there are just some foods your dog can’t have this Thanksgiving

This time of year, you know that they’ll be under the table looking up at you with those big, irresistible puppy dog eyes.

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3.Vets Share What Thanksgiving Foods are Safe for Pets and Why Dogs Shouldn't Eat Turkey

It's tempting to share your Thanksgiving meal with your beloved cat or dog, but most holiday foods aren't safe for pets to ...

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4.Verifying which Thanksgiving foods are safe for pets

Much of the holiday meal is dangerous for pets because of fats, oils, spices, seasonings and other ingredients that can be ...

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5.What Thanksgiving foods can a dog safely eat?

It's not just humans who get to enjoy Thanksgiving feasts — dogs across the country will likely get their share of scraps ...

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6.Here’s what your dog can eat on Thanksgiving

Dr. Amber Karwacki from Heart + Paw shared what our furry friends can and cannot have during Thanksgiving dinner. “If you ...

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7.Setting a Place for Your Pup: Thanksgiving Foods Dogs Can and Can't Eat This Holiday

Your dog will thank you for following these rules for a safe Thanksgiving meal (with the whole family in mind).

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8.The American Kennel Club's list of foods your dog can eat this Thanksgiving

Turkey bones are off the table. They can damage your dog's digestive tract, so be sure to keep them out of reach.

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9.What Thanksgiving Foods Are Safe For Your Pets to Eat

So let's start off with that Thanksgiving turkey. Should your pet have any? According to the American Kennel Club, the answer ...

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10.LIST: Foods Your Pets Can Safely Enjoy This Thanksgiving, What To Avoid

Your furry family friend doesn’t want to be left out from the Thanksgiving table this year. Before everyone sits down to eat, ...

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11.What your pets can’t eat from the Thanksgiving table (Plus dogs for adoption in Long Beach)

Keep vigilant about what your pet chews on during Thanksgiving. Make sure they get some of the good stuff, though!

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12.To eat turkey or not to eat turkey, that is the environmentalist’s question

It is a truth universally acknowledged that, people on Thanksgiving, must want to eat turkey. But is that really true? This ...

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