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1.The Novel That Riveted France During Lockdown Arrives in the U.S.

The Anomaly,” by Hervé Le Tellier, sold more than a million copies during an anomalous time. Now the genre-bending novel is ...

From : New York Times

2.The Anomaly

In Hervé Le Tellier’s Prix Goncourt-winning novel, the passengers of Air France Flight 006 must learn to live with a life-altering situation.

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3.7NEWS Spotlight - Secrets Of The UFOs: Australian military witnesses to UFOs speak out

"I went to the communications centre and checked if there was any comms’ with aircraft or passing ships. There was nothing ...

From : 7news

4.The U.S. Might Get Its Own UFO Investigations Office

The Anomaly Surveillance and Resolution Office would investigate sightings of "unidentified aerial phenomena." ...

From : Popular Mechanics

5.‘Oumuamua wasn’t an alien spacecraft, and ignoring the science can’t make it so

Oumuamua, the most unique interloper into our Solar System, has a natural explanation that fits perfectly — no aliens ...

From : Big Think

6.Inside a cosy, Cairo bookshop away from the hustle and bustle

To start a bookshop anywhere is often dismissed as a frivolous endeavour. Opening one in Cairo faces a host of other, ...

From : The Independent

7.The Algorithm That Lets Particle Physicists Count Higher Than Two

Through his encyclopedic study of the electron, an obscure figure named Stefano Laporta found a handle on the subatomic world ...

From : Quanta Magazine

8.Is Nvidia Stock a Buy With the Metaverse on the Horizon?

When it comes to market-crushing performance, there's no question that Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) qualifies on all accounts. The maker of graphics processing units (GPUs) has gained 145% so far this year, ...

From : Nasdaq

9.India Largest Market in the World for Mobile Gaming

A report has revealed that India is the largest market in the world for mobile gaming when it comes to downloads.

From : Desi Blitz

10.Einstein didn't usually save his drafts. But a rare manuscript worth millions is up for auction.

A rare manuscript with equations that helped lead Albert Einstein to his famous theory of general relativity is up for auction in Paris.

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11.‘Star Trek: Discovery’s Wilson Cruz And Anthony Rapp Encourage Viewers To ‘Believe The Science’ Ahead Of Season 4 Debut

Discovery takes on this new adventure in season 4 premiering on Paramount+ Thursday, November 18th. CBS’s Katie Johnston ...

From : CBS Local

Wikipedia sayings about the anomaly book

1.Market anomaly

A market anomaly in a financial market is predictability that seems to be inconsistent with (typically risk-based) theories of asset prices. Standard anomaly

2.Medieval Warm Period

The Medieval Warm Period (MWP), also known as the Medieval Climate Optimum or the Medieval Climatic Anomaly, was a time of warm climate in the North Atlantic Warm Period