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1.Got turkey troubles? A hotline expert shares how to cook a turkey and common mistakes to avoid

That's where Butterball's Turkey Talk-Line comes in. For the past 40 years during the holidays, these hotline experts have ...

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2.How Long To Cook a Turkey per Pound

Turkey still a little bit frozen on Thanksgiving morning? It's actually completely safe to cook a frozen turkey, but it will take about 50 percent longer to cook than a fully thawed bird.

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3.Thanksgiving: Stew Leonard's tips to choose and prepare your turkey

Chef Richard Dibble, from Stew Leonard's, visited News 12 this morning with tips for choosing a preparing your Thanksgiving ...

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4.Turkey still frozen? Here are two ways to get it thawed in time for Thanksgiving

Even if you don't have time to thaw your Thanksgiving bird in the refrigerator, you can still have it ready to cook Thursday ...

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5.We microwaved a Thanksgiving turkey and it was actually pretty good

Although microwaving a turkey isn't the ideal way to cook poultry, the USDA approves of the cooking method. It cooks quickly ...

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6.Talking turkey: UW Extension offers Thanksgiving tips

If you are cooking at turkey at home, there are some things you can do to be safe. When it comes to thawing a turkey, it ...

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7.VERIFY: Yes, you can cook a turkey in the microwave

As we gear up for Thanksgiving, we are answering your turkey questions. One question we see year over year, can you cook your ...

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8.Unique ways to cook a Thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving is a beloved holiday. Families may have their own unique Thanksgiving traditions, but one staple of this kickoff ...

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9.How to defrost a turkey for Thanksgiving (and how not to)

It's not hard to thaw a turkey; you just need time. If you bagged your bird early and froze it, good on you. You probably got ...

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10.Turkey tips from the experts at Butterball

Are you wondering how best to cook your Thanksgiving turkey this year? Don't worry, Butterball has the answers to any turkey ...

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11.What to Do If Your Turkey Is Still Frozen

Thawing a fully frozen turkey on Thanksgiving is not impossible (though you won’t be eating dinner until way late), but let’s ...

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1.2016 in aviation

Raghavan, Sudarsan; Cunningham, Erin (27 August 2016). "How Turkey's offensive into Syria is opening up a hornet's nest" – via Hradecky in aviation

2.Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao

Manuel Márquez, The Ring lightweight champion and No. 2 pound-for-pound fighter, on July 18, 2009, in a welterweight non-title fight. Márquez had previously Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao