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1.How Long Does it Take to Cook the Perfect Turkey?

While the time estimates above offer a general idea of how long a turkey will take to cook, the absolute safest way to know if your turkey is done is to use meat thermometer. If you are cooking a ...

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2.Laura Kurella: Turkey-cooking crib notes

While most anyone who finds themselves in a kitchen on Thanksgiving likely has both knowledge and experience with cooking a ...

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3.How to Perfectly Cook a 20-Pound Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving turkey's the one dish you can't afford to mess up. Here are the tips, tricks, and cook times you need to properly cook a 20 lb Thanksgiving turkey.

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4.Deep-frying a turkey? If you must, avoid fires with these Thanksgiving tips

Some holiday traditions satisfy so deeply because they feel a bit wrong: serving cranberry sauce right out of the can, ...

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5.How Long Does It Take To Thaw Your Turkey?

Remember how, not so long ago ... 4 days to defrost Pro tip: Make sure the bird is in a large pan or on a cookie sheet so those melting turkey juices don't get all over your fridge.

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6.What to Know Before Cooking Your Turkey Upside Down

Flipping your turkey can take away from your unveiling. If you’re cooking turkey upside down ... prefers the less-mess dry brine. Not only does brining your turkey lock in the moisture of ...

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7.How Long Can You Keep A Frozen Turkey And How to Defrost Your Thanksgiving Bird Properly

There are at three basic ways to safely defrost a turkey, but one method can take several days to do, depending on the size ...

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8.Perfect Gravy

After you take the turkey out of the roasting pan ... bit at a time until it reaches your desired consistency. How long does gravy last? Gravy is perishable, so it will only last 2 days in ...

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9.Does Turkey Really Make You Tired?

The real culprit behind Thanksgiving sleepiness might not be the bird.

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10.Dog with Stunningly Long Neck Is Often Compared to a Giraffe: 'Just One Big Neck with Legs'

Brodie is an Azawakh — a dog breed related to greyhounds and whippets — with a unique history that makes his neck appear ...

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11.Feeling tired on Thanksgiving? Don't blame it on the turkey

You think, dang it, that turkey got me again. But did it? Yes, there's no denying that turkey does contain tryptophan — the ...

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12.Turkey plans no lockdowns in new COVID-19 period: Minister Koca

As Europe retreats indoors, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca ruled out the possibility of a lockdown in Turkey, placing faith ...

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2.Christmas dinner

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