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1.Donald Trump's New Book Only Seems to Have Praise From Ivanka Trump & Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump is keeping it all in the family with his upcoming book — not only is he self-publishing the coffee table book, ...

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2.New Trump book does $1M in sales in first 24 hours

Even for former President Donald Trump, the fast pace of sales of his first post-White House book has been impressive.

From : Washington Examiner

3.In another Trump book, a journalist’s belated awareness steals the show

A review of Jonathan Karl's account of the last year of the Trump presidency, "Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show." ...

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4.New Book Reveals What Trump Said In Earlier Takes Of His Jan. 6 Video

Donald Trump made multiple videos addressing the Capitol rioters before the one he ultimately tweeted, a White House aide ...

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5.Chris Christie Claims Trump Is Giving Him The Cold Shoulder: ‘I’m Not The One Who’s Not Communicating With Him’

Chris Christie seems surprised that Donald Trump won’t talk to him after airing all kinds of dirty laundry on his book tour.

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6.Trump looks back on Jan. 6 'fondly' and wants to settle scores over false election claims, new book says

Former president is described as "gleeful" in planning revenge on those he considers disloyal, according to ABC News' ...

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7.Trump was ‘beside himself with fury’ after Obama roasted him over racist ‘birther’ conspiracy, new book claims

Obama mocks Trump at 2011 White House correspondent’s dinner Donald Trump was apparently “beside himself with fury” following ...

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8.Memo from Trump attorney outlined how Pence could overturn election, says new book

The Final Act of the Trump Show," Jonathan Karl says Mike Pence was under more pressure to overturn the election than was ...

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9.Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen is a free man and vows to cooperate with law enforcement

Donald Trump's former personal attorney and self-described fixer was officially released from his three-year prison sentence -- the past year-plus of it served from his posh Park Avenue apartment.

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10.Former Trump 'fixer' Michael Cohen finishes prison sentence

I will continue to provide information, testimony, documents and my full cooperation on all ongoing investigations,” Cohen ...

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11.Trump-backed Senate candidate loses custody battle in court

The candidate endorsed by former President Donald Trump for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania said Monday that he is suspending his ...

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1.Peril (book)

Peril is a book by American journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa about the last days of Donald Trump's presidency, as well as the presidential transition (book)

2.Robert Trump

Township, New Jersey, Donald Trump appointed Robert Trump to Etess's former role. Etess had been the top executive at the Trump Taj Mahal, was Trump's special Trump