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1.What Time is the Partial Lunar Eclipse & How Long Will the Beaver Moon Last?

Getty The progression of the eclipse begins with a partial covering of the moon. Tonight’s partial lunar eclipse is a special ...

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2.Beaver Moon partial lunar eclipse: what time it peaks in the UK and full moon dates for 2021

Full moons illuminate the sky every month - but what time will November's Beaver Moon peak today and when is the partial ...

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3.Watch Tonight’s Partial Lunar Eclipse, the Longest in 580 Years

The partial eclipse will turn the moon rusty reddish hues and be visible across North America and parts of South America, ...

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4.Skies clear just in time for tonight’s Lunar Eclipse

Friday morning, a partial lunar eclipse will darken the full moon for much of the planet including here in Virginia during ...

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5.Rare, near-total lunar eclipse to take place early Friday. Here's when to watch in Indiana

A once-in-a-lifetime partial lunar eclipse will greet North American stargazers this Friday. The Beaver Moon lunar eclipse, ...

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6.Historic lunar eclipse overnight: Here’s what you need to know

What is a lunar eclipse? A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon are aligned up in space. The light that ...

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7.Partial Lunar Eclipse 2021: Date, time, and where to watch the longest partial lunar eclipse in 580 years

While November has many celestial events lined up one after another, this month's partial lunar eclipse is perhaps the most exciting. It’s the longest one in nearly six centuries! On November 19, the ...

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8.Lunar eclipse today on November 19: Timings, is it visible in India, and everything to know

An 'almost total' lunar eclipse will take place today on November 19, when the Moon will slip into Earth's shadow. It will ...

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9.Partial lunar eclipse 2021: Can I see it in Florida? How to watch it on your phone, TV, YouTube

The next partial lunar eclipse is coming up Nov. 18 and 19 — and we’re over the moon. The moon will slip into Earth’s shadow ...

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10.Arkansans will be able to view the longest lunar eclipse in centuries early Friday morning

The longest lunar eclipse in more than 500 years will be visible from Arkansas the morning of Friday, November 19, 2021.The ...

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11.Why does the Moon turn red during a lunar eclipse? Explained

The Partial Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan) will occur on Friday. It is the longest lunar eclipse in 580 years and will be ...

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1.Stargazing Live

astronaut Charlie Duke on what it was like to guide Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the surface of the Moon in the Lunar Lander, and how Duke followed Live

2.Michael Jackson

located in the south-east of Ivory Coast. In July 2009, the Lunar Republic Society named a crater on the Moon after Jackson. In August, for what would have Jackson