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This Thanksgiving, don’t waste time trying to figure out how to convert measurements, how much turkey to buy or how much time is needed for thawing and cooking. Our convenient cooking calculators make your time in the kitchen more efficient by helping you calculate and convert everything from the size of your turkey to how much time you’ll need to thaw or cook it.

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1.How to thaw your turkey safely and efficiently

For many Americans, turkey dinners take center stage on Thanksgiving and there’s nothing more inconvenient than a still ...

From : Houston Chronicle

2.It's almost time to thaw your Thanksgiving turkey!

If you purchased your turkey frozen from the grocery store, the time is drawing near for you to begin the process of thawing ...

From : First Coast News

3.It’s almost turkey time! Here’s a guide on when to thaw your bird

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means it’s almost time to thaw your turkey. According to the experts at ...

From : FOX8 Cleveland

4.How to safely thaw a frozen turkey — the do’s and don’ts

If you don’t thaw your bird right, you could be giving your Thanksgiving dinner guests an early, unwanted holiday gift — a ...

From : Chicago Sun-Times

5.3 ways to safely thaw a turkey in time for Thanksgiving

The big day is coming up fast but let’s face it, hosting Thanksgiving dinner is no easy feat. Beyond the ruckus involved in ...

From : MSN

6.How to safely thaw a frozen turkey

Cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner takes time and patience. The first step is thawing. Here are some ways to thaw the ...

From : Tulsa World

7.It’s almost turkey time! Here’s how to prepare your bird safely for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a little over a week away, but now is the time to start thinking about cooking for the holiday.

From : Oklahoma's News

8.Can You Leave a Turkey Out to Thaw Overnight?

Of course, you can eat a turkey that has been thawed on a counter, and generations of us have grown up eating turkeys that ...

From : Yahoo

9.Ahead of Thanksgiving Woman Reveals How to Cook Frozen Solid Turkey in Just 90 Minutes

If you've forgotten to take the turkey out the freezer ahead of Thanksgiving, take note of this cooking method.

From : Newsweek

10.Thanksgiving basics: How to cook a turkey

Turkey is typically the star of the Thanksgiving Day table, but the idea of cooking a giant bird can be daunting. Even if you ...

From : WGAU

11.Talking Turkey: Experts offer tips on how to choose, cook your holiday gobbler

While having turkey on the holiday table is a must for many households, there is some disagreement on the type and size of ...

From : Wisconsin State Farmer

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