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1.Engage in Gasconade or Fanfaronade

In which I celebrate David Steinberg’s 100th crossword for The New York Times by getting hopelessly confused. But I learned ...

From : New York Times

2.Prize crossword No 28,572

Time on your hands? Stay connected and keep in touch with your friends with our new Puzzles mobile app. You can access more than 15,000 crosswords and sudoku and solve puzzles online together.

From : The Guardian

3.Crossword Panic of 1944

British Sherman tanks during ... It appears his crossword solutions were perhaps just another of life’s astonishing coincidences! The above article was originally compiled by Historic UK researchers ...

From : Historic UK

4.Which Tank am I? Trivia Quiz

Michael Wittman claimed almost 140 tank kills in a Tiger and is perhaps best known for destroying a column of the British 7th Armored Division near Villers-Bocage. The T28 was basically an over-sized ...

From : Fun Trivia

5.The 29 best self-care gifts for your highly stressed friends (or yourself)

This list has been curated to identify items that pamper and pleasure those on your holiday gift list, and give us all the gift of looking inward, instead of outward.

From : YAHOO!News

6.Tanks but no tanks

solely for use against hostile tanks. There are two opposing factions in that unhappy area – Hizbullah and the Israeli IDF. To the best of my knowledge, Hizbullah possess no armour, although ...

From : The Irish Times

7.Propane Tank-ard

The top of the soda bottle is held in place by an O-ring, the safety pressure hole plugged up and the whole thing is filled with spray “expand-o-foam” locking everything in place and adding ...

From : Hackaday

8.Tanks in the European Theatre

It also has an immense 88 millimeter gun. When a Tiger II entered the battlefield, opposing tanks would find an excuse to leave. The best way to destroy a Tiger II was to call for bombers to take it ...

From : Fun Trivia

9.One Man Shows Off A Framed Crossword

Caption: "New York 'Times,' Saturday crossword, 1999, twenty-two minutes, ballpoint." Description: One man shows off a framed crossword above his fireplace to another man. "New York Times, Saturday ...

From : Fine Art America

10.Top tanks: 5 ways to style sweater vests – in pictures

Old school and preppy or sleek and modern, a knitted tank top is warm, stylish and very easy to layer to top off your autumn wardrobe Harriet Green, Jo Jones, Helen Seamons, Bemi Shaw and Peter Bevan ...

From : The Guardian

11.The Tank

On the surface, Harris County Jail's Tank 6M1B is cold and impersonal ... roughly twice the national average. But the push to best serve the inmates in 6M1B goes even deeper than keeping them ...

From : Houston Chronicle

12.Vaani Kapoor oozes hot summer charm in black tank top, Mango's ₹3k wrap skirt

As the season of the skirt continues and by far its most flattering iteration is the wrap skirt, Bollywood hottie Vaani Kapoor has delayed winter to ooze hot summer charm in a black tank top and a ...

From : Hindustan Times

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1.George Orwell

pigeon-fanciers, amateur carpenters, coupon-snippers, darts-players, crossword-puzzle fans. All the culture that is most truly native centres round things Orwell


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