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1.Election Day in Texas: What you need to know about voting requirements, turnout, longest lines

It's Election Day in Texas. Austin residents who haven't cast an early or absentee ballot are heading to the polls to cast their votes.  Follow the Statesman's all-day coverage on Election ...

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2.What Election Day Will Look Like In Minneapolis

It's election day, and voters are expected to head to the polls and help shape the future of their communities.

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3.What to watch to watch for in Virginia on election night

Voters head to the polls in Virginia on Tuesday to choose their next governor and leaders from both parties are holding their ...

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4.Election Day 2021: Virginia governor's race in spotlight as voters across U.S. head to the polls

Voters in Virginia and New Jersey will be choosing governors, and there are closely-watched contests in New York City, ...

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5.Pasco County school board votes unanimously to change school start, end times

The Pasco County School District has been struggling with a shortage of school bus drivers, with some students arriving at ...

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6.It's Election Day in New Bedford. Here's what voter turnout looks like so far.

Although there's no mayoral race on the ballot, residents trickled in to polling sites to cast their votes early Tuesday ...

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7.Minneapolis Voters Feel 'A Bigger Burden' On Election Day 2021

A controversial ballot question in Minneapolis is garnering national attention, and voters say it's adding pressure.

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8.Here's what Alberta's vote on Daylight Saving Time means for the N.W.T.

Albertans went to the polls to vote on whether to adopt Daylight Saving Time year-round. The N.W.T. may follow suit, and one ...

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9.Wyandotte County expecting low voter turnout for this year’s general election — again

In the past it’s usually around 15%,” Wyandotte County Election Commissioner Michael Abbott said of the voter turnout. “We’d ...

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10.Brad Raffensperger, GOP target of Trump ire in Georgia, warns of potential for more election violence

The Georgia secretary of state says the brutal state of American politics could lead to more protests and violence like the ...

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11.Pence says James Madison and the Bible helped him certify election results against Trump’s wishes

Former vice president Mike Pence was asked by an audience member in Iowa about whether “someone in the White House convinced ...

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12.Does the infrastructure bill include more money for Social Security or unemployment benefits?

President Biden was hoping to pass a huge infrastructure package which could reshape American society, but has been forced to ...

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1.Time Warp (song)

about all the naughty things adults do on Halloween. Tenacious D released a music video using the song to promote voting in the 2020 US presidential election Warp (song)

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