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1.Is Roblox down? Why Roblox isn't working and when it will be back up

300 developers make more than $100,000 a year using Roblox. Here’s why the platform is down and how long it might stay down ...

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2.Why is Roblox Down for 10 Hours, Official Response & When It Could Be Back

Roblox servers are down for over 12 hours now, preventing players from using the service and its games. Since later last ...

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3.Roblox shut down – when will Roblox be back up?

It’s all going on with Roblox today. Actually, it’s not, and that’s the problem. The games platform is down for the vast ...

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4.Roblox down latest – Thousands say gaming platform not working as desperate engineers try to fix it

THE Roblox gaming platform has seen a global outage – leaving hundreds of thousands of players unable to connect to their ...

From : The Scottish Sun

5.Roblox DOWN - Servers have been down for thousands of players overnight

Now that Roblox is down, here's what you should know about ... They will likely update players as soon as the servers go back ...

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6.Why is Roblox Down? When it could be back; Check official response here

New Delhi: Some of the Roblox players have been complaining that the online gaming platform has been experiencing server down ...

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7.When Roblox will be back up and why it is not working

Roblox has been down for awhile but the game’s status Twitter account ... However, this message was posted at 03:00 BST and ...

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8.Roblox won’t say why 48MILLION players blocked from game despite ‘knowing the cause’

ROBLOX is still down hours after players started getting booted from the game – all 48 million of them. Reports of a Roblox ...

From : The Sun

9.Roblox suffers server down; no proper root cause has been shown yet

Roblox have underwent a server down since Thursday midnight as many of its players were reportedly complaining of not being ...

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10.Roblox Adopt Me: Will I lose my login streak after today’s outage?

"I don't want to lose my 353 log in days in adopt me :( if it takes longer than 2 days to fix, pls make that everyone keeps ...

From : The Sun

11.Free Burritos May Have Knocked Roblox Offline

We don't know why Roblox is currently down, but the timing of it going offline for most players ... We're hoping it comes ...

From : GameInformer

12.What is the metaverse? Breaking down Facebook's new name

Epic Games, the company behind the popular Fortnite video game, has raised $1 billion from investors to help with its ...

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