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Chucky is the perfect bully because he comes as he always does, in the guise of being your best friend.” The show brings back many “Chucky” character …

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1.Chucky Series Premiere Review: "Death by Misadventure"

Below is a spoiler free review of the series premiere of Chucky, titled "Death by Misadventure," which airs on Syfy on Oct.

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2.Watch Seed of Chucky

Even that Chucky is a feared serial killer he still tries to be a father to his sons glen. Chucky takes glen on a killing spree for some father and son time together ... definitely makes the doll ...

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3.Chucky Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Give Me Something Good to Eat

Either that or Chucky will pin all of the murders on Jake. The final scene was telling. Jake's reflection on the knife confirmed there was a darkness inside him just waiting to come out to play.

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4.On Horror Movies and Why Fans Love Being Scared

Fan Service is a column by pop culture and fandom writer Stitch that looks at the highs and lows of fandom, and unpacks how ...

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5.Writer of Chucky TV series excited about premiere

Horror fans’ favorite doll is coming ... the whole time and obviously those long-term fans. This is going to be so delicious for them as this is every single thing you love about Chucky done ...

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6.Bride of Chucky

No time at all ... What makes me think Rob J. is Chucky's boy, his Robo-QB? No. 1, that squinched-up look on Chucky's face when Robo does something wrong; if he takes a sack, or shows a tackler ...

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7.This Is The Correct Order In Which To Watch The Chucky Movies

As Mancini told Forbes, by the time he made the ... as polarizing as they come, but by this point in the series, tasteless was pretty much Chucky's M.O. But it does accomplish one thing that ...

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1.List of Child's Play characters

known as Chucky) is an American horror franchise that consists of eight slasher films and numerous comic books. The main antagonist is Chucky (except the of Child's Play characters

2.Chucky Pancamo

Charles "Chucky The Enforcer" Pancamo is a fictional character, played by Chuck Zito, on the HBO series Oz. Pancamo is a member of the "Wise Guys", a Pancamo