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1.US warns Moscow embassy could stop functioning in row over visas

State department official says ‘we need to make progress soon’ with Russia on increasing number of visas for diplomats ...

From : The Guardian

2.How to delete Multiple Rows in Microsoft Excel in one go

C6”).EntireRow.Delete End Sub Alter the row number references (“C4:C6”) to select the specific rows which are unwanted. 6] Finally, run the macro script. You can either click the ‘Run ...

From : TWCN Tech News

3.Find Product Prices in Google Sheets with Vlookup and Match Functions

How to use the Index and Vlookup functions ... all rows of the spreadsheet. =VLOOKUP( What you want to look for (beverage name), Where you want to look for it (price table range), The column number ...

From : Labnol

4.Finite-state machine for embedded systems

If the loss of signal has been detected, this function returns ... reference/pointer to the S_FSM_STT_T type data as FSM_sstKernel() will be modifying at least one data item. What FSM_sstKernel() is ...

From : Control Engineering

5.The Record That Never Existed (as a committed row)

So, one could think that a record returned under this isolation level ... passing as parameters the related page numbers (look at resource_description values in Figure 7): select page_id, prev ...

From : SQL Server Central

6.Global Land Survey Equipment Industry (2020 to 2027) - Increase in Number of Satellites Opens up New Growth Avenues -

The "Land Survey Equipment - Global Market Trajectory & Analytics" report has been added to's offering.

From : Yahoo Finance

7.Ukraine registers record daily number of COVID-19 deaths

Ukraine reported another record daily number of COVID-19 deaths Tuesday as vaccinations in the nation of 41 million people lags. Ukraine’s Health Ministry registered 734 deaths in 24 ...

From : City News

8.Role of Ketone Supplement in Brain Function

Brain function in people with obesity might be boosted by a novel therapeutic action of ketone supplement as per a study "Short-term ketone monoester supplementation improves cerebral blood flow ...

From : Medindia

9.‘I quit,’ a record number of U.S. workers are telling their bosses

A record number of U.S. workers quit in August ... Millions of people who had jobs before the pandemic still haven’t returned to work. Read: Small businesses frustrated by labor shortages ...

From : MarketWatch

10.Oil prices climb to fresh highs, UK petrol price hits record – business live

Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news. Closing summary: 15:36 Time to wrap up... here are ...

From : MSN

11.A New Partnership With Happy Returns And Staples Makes Customer Returns Easier

radius of a Happy Returns location. The new Happy Returns partnership with Staples increases the number of Return Bars to over 3,800 locations. With the Staples expansion, 75% of Americans now ...

From : Forbes

Wikipedia sayings about the rows function returns the number of rows in a reference.

1.Whirlpool (hash function)

In computer science and cryptography, Whirlpool (sometimes styled WHIRLPOOL) is a cryptographic hash function. It was designed by Vincent Rijmen (co-creator (hash function)

2.Bean machine

probability mass function of a binomial distribution. The number of rows correspond to the size of a binomial distribution in number of trials, while the probability machine