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1.Here's How to Do the "Who Are You in Love With" Trend That's Taking Over Instagram

Instagram has a fun sticker called "Who Are You in Love With" that's prompting users to post pictures to their stories of ...

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2.How to do the ‘Favorite Photo From This Summer’ Instagram trend

The 'Who Are You In Love With' trend has taken Instagram by storm this week, and now another version of it is going viral.

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3.How to do Instagram’s ‘Who Are You In Love With’ trend

The latest viral Instagram trend sees people declaring their love for their significant other using a specific Instagram ...

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4.Instagram: How To Get On The Explore Page

Getting on the Instagram Explore page takes more than simply completing a checklist. Here's how it works and how to optimize content for it.

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5.How to Give Your Instagram Account a Visibility Boost

The market you are trying to reach probably already exists on the platform. You need to tap into Instagram’s potential to ...

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6.Instagram Sunset Photo Drop Trend Might Not Be Just A Trend

If you are an avid Instagram user, then you might have already seen quite a few stories with sunset pictures. And you might ...


7.Legendary WWE wrestler Jimmy Rave, 38, reveals he had both legs amputated after suffering from MRSA - six months after same drug-resistant infection for…

Jimmy Rave, 38, revealed he lost his legs due to MRSA just six months after losing his left arm to the same infection. He ...

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8.I work in retail & I’m sick of people trying to get refunds on clothes they’ve clearly worn or asking for freebies

EVERYONE finds their job a little tedious in one way or another but one retail worker has revealed how cheeky customers try ...

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9.Latest Instagram app news

Add multiple photos to your story in a collage By Maggie Tillman · 17 December 2019 Instagram has added a new feature. But you have to dig a bit to find it. Once you do, it'll give you another ...

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10.5 design principles for creating a beautiful modern home on any budget

Design guru Matt Gibberd tells Lisa Salmon that using space, light, materials, nature and decoration cleverly will help make ...

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11.Why a macro-counting diet could be the key to midlife weight loss – and how to calculate yours

Once you have your macro plan, you’re set for life ... so you can tweak the macros accordingly. Foods do not generally contain carbohydrate, protein or fat in isolation, so they are ...

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1.Cats (2019 film)

brilliant!" *I'm on my way to leave to catch the car back to the station. As I open the…"". Instagram. Archived from the original on 26 April 2019. Retrieved (2019 film)

2.The Try Guys

Contestants on NBC's Bring the Funny". Paste. Herbert, Geoff (August 14, 2019). "'Bring the Funny': How did CNY native's comedy boy band do on TV show?" Try Guys