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1.Elon Musk attacks Biden’s unrealized gains tax — as his wealth soars

Musk — who saw his wealth soar Monday by more than $36 billion to bring his net worth to a whopping $289 billion — attacked ...

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2.Unrealized capital gains tax: This is the plan Elon Musk and other billionaires don’t like

Specifically, the groups opposing the new tax plan don’t like it because it wouldn’t tax income, and instead, it would tax ...

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3.Democrats Target ‘Buy, Borrow, Die’ With Their Billionaire Tax Plan

With their latest tax proposal, Democrats are going after an elusive target: U.S. billionaires, and their growing piles of ...

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4.Here's how Democrats want to tax billionaires' capital gains

Racing to find alternate ways to pay for their massive budget reconciliation package, congressional Democrats are now ...

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5.So what exactly is a billionaires’ tax — and how would it work?

The prospect of a new “billionaires tax” is dawning while the chances dim for income tax and capital gains rate hikes on the ...

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6.Nancy Pelosi says a wealth tax on billionaires' unrealized gains is on the way

In the scramble to find a tax hike that all 50 Democrat Senators could support, Senator Kyrsten Sinema OKs a Tax on ...

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7.U.S. Treasury Secretary Wants to Tax Unrealized Crypto Gains

The United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has announced the proposal of a new tax that could hit unrealized capital ...

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8.Romney: 'Big Mistake' to Tax Unrealized Capital Gains; Will Discourage Investment, Hurt US Economy

Democrats need to rethink their plan to tax billionaires on their unrealized capital gains, which will discourage investment ...

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9.WSJ Editorial Board: The Democrats' wealth-tax mirage

Democrats are scrambling to finance their spending bill after Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema shot down their plans to raise ...

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10.Houston Rockets owner: 'Our great Capitalism will come to an end' if Dems pass unrealized gains tax

Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta said the current ceaseless inflation is taking a toll on more than just the ...

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11.Republicans Go To Bat For Billionaires Targeted By Democratic Tax Plan

A new Democratic proposal would target investments held by the wealthiest Americans, such as stocks, in order to pay for new ...

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12.Billionaire tax gains momentum

Democrats are facing hurdles to making a new annual tax on billionaires' investment gains a reality.The proposal, championed ...

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Wikipedia sayings about tax on unrealized gains

1.Estate tax in the United States

on Budget and Policy Priorities assert that large estates "consist to a significant degree of 'unrealized' capital gains that have never been taxed. tax in the United States

2.Deferred Acquisition Costs

consideration the unrealized gains and losses. Regular DAC amortization affects the income statement and does not take unrealized gains into account. In Acquisition Costs