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1.Moments Before ‘Rust’ Shooting, Alec Baldwin Was Told His Gun Did Not Contain Live Rounds, Police Say

Court documents and a call sheet offer a detailed account of the moments leading up to the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins.

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2.Prop gun experts weigh in on Alec Baldwin accidentally shooting Halyna Hutchins, how fake gun killed cinematographer

Firearm experts say it’s “abundantly clear” safety protocols on the set of Rust were not followed after actor Alec Baldwin ...

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3.Assistant Director Declared Gun Safe Before Alec Baldwin Fatally Fired It, Affidavit Says

The assistant director of the western film “Rust” grabbed a prop pistol from a gray cart and handed it to the movie’s star, ...

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4.Financial Times perspective: China hypersonic weapon test sparks alarm among US defence officials

New defence system-busting weapon could change the balance of power between the US and China, writes The Financial Times.

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5.Building A Better 3D Printed Gun

Back in 2013, [Cody Wilson] of Defense Distributed designed and built the world’s first completely 3D printed pistol. He called his gun the Liberator, after a World War II-era single-shot pistol ...

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6.Best Warzone guns - the weapons you need in your loadout

It can be built like an SMG, assault rifle, and sniper support, with several loadout options to choose from. This means there’s plenty of room to experiment. The Cold War assault rifles give you ...

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7.Maleeya Knows Him Gun becomes new Miss Indian MSU

In the past few weeks, the Native American Studies Department, American Indian Council and the American Indian/Alaska Native Student Success Center have been overwhelmingly busy, planning events for I ...

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8.The bloody history of Bond’s gun barrel – and how No Time To Die shockingly changes it

His was a Blairite, Cool Britannia Bond who had long shaken-off his stodgy Cold War origins and ... Until No Time to Die, that is. What does its gun barrel sequence mean? On one level, it ...

From : The Daily Telegraph

9.79 Cringeworthy Errors in 'Top Gun'

Those spaces on the ship are usually freezing cold to protect ... if he took a gun shot he'd probably FOD his own engines with the debris from the airplane in front of him. What does he need ...

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10.Best Warzone guns: the top weapons for Season 6

Naturally, personal preference does play a huge role here ... loadout to see which attachments take this sniper rifle to another level. The Cold War AK-47 has emerged as the best assault rifle ...

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11.Theragun alternatives: The best budget massage guns for 2021

Indeed, this is the "value" end of the handheld massager category, but that doesn't mean these ... How many speeds does a person really need? I don't know, but this massage gun is also notable ...

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12.'America's Disease': Gun Violence, Gun Control and Where California Goes From Here

The following week — on National Gun Violence Awareness ... statistically minimizing mass shootings does not really recognize the horror and the devastation of them and the fear that they create,” ...

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1.Gun laws in Poland

from General Police Headquarters stating that even a threaded barrel does not mean the firearm is capable of accepting a sound suppressor, laws in Poland

2.Gun politics in the United States

Gun politics is an area of American politics defined by two primary opposing ideologies about civilian gun ownership. People who advocate for gun control politics in the United States