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1.Will There Be a Dune Sequel?

Will Dune 2 happen? According to director, Dennis Villeneuve, a sequel seems all but inevitable. Here's what he said about a ...

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2.‘Dune’ vs. ‘Dune’: Why David Lynch’s Version Is a Lot More Fun Than Denis Villeneuve’s

It’s a dealer’s choice situation — at the core, they’re both essentially “Dune” — but Lynch’s version remains a total messy ...

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3.Don’t Worry, ‘Dune: Part 2’ Is Almost Guaranteed To Happen

Dune Part 2 seems like a sure thing, based on statements from WB and how the film is already starting to perform.

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4.How Dune Shaped the Star Wars Saga

Without Frank Herbert's Dune, there probably wouldn't be George Lucas' Star Wars. This article contains spoilers for Dune and ...

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5.An Explainer on the ‘Dune’ Books & Why You Should Read Them Before the Movie

Dune, Dune Messiah, Children of Dune, God Emperor of Dune, Heretics of Dune and Chapterhouse: Dune. The Dun book, which was ...

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6.The wild backstory of everyone’s favorite ‘Dune’ character, Duncan Idaho

Mashed together, Duncan Idaho just might be one of the all-time great sci-fi names. Duncan Idaho has been portrayed by ...

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7.Will There Be A ‘Dune Part 2’? What We Know About the ‘Dune’ Sequel

In fact, this is by design—the 2021 Dune movie, which is unofficially titled Dune: Part One, only covers the first half of ...

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8.Where to watch ‘Dune 2021’ online free streaming at home

Where to watch ‘Dune 2021’ online free streaming at home. sci-fi epic movie!! Dune 2021 will be available to stream starting ...

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9.How a new Dune video game could succeed where others have failed

It’s been a long time coming but Warner Bros. and Legendary’s gigantic Dune adaptation finally hit cinemas and HBO Max this ...

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10.Warner Bros. Teases ‘Dune 2,’ New ‘Sopranos’ Series, and More ‘Matrix’ — Even with Bad Box Office

Because Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune” ends on a cliffhanger, WarnerMedia CEO says “you pretty much know the answer” to whether it ...

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11.Loper Report: Locke & Key, Bergman Island, and Dune

News 3 Now film expert Wil Loper gives his three things to watch this week. Loper recommends the Netflix series “Locke and ...

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12.Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet discuss filming Dune in the desert on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The 25-year-old actress and Timothée Chalamet, 25, discussed the challenges of filming Dune in the desert on Thursday during ...

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Wikipedia sayings about dune series

1.Children of Dune

Children of Dune is a 1976 science fiction novel by Frank Herbert, the third in his Dune series of six novels. It was originally serialized in Analog of Dune

2.List of technology in the Dune universe

Technology is a key aspect of the fictional setting of the Dune series of science fiction novels written by Frank Herbert, and derivative works. Herbert's of technology in the Dune universe