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1.First dogs to return to White House: Here are some other famous presidential pets

In fact, John Adams, the second U.S. president -- and the first to live in the White House -- had two dogs named Juno and Satan, according to the Presidential Pet Museum. But dogs aren’t the ...

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2.POTUS' Pets Trivia Quiz

President Adams built the first White House stables to accommodate his animals. His wife, Abigail, owned two mixed-breed dogs called Juno and Satan, but apparently had a helluva time training them.

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3.The Satanic Scare of Lyford, Indiana

The second was that, after having found the animal furs, a couple of friends and I made a pact to sneak up on them if we ever saw their campfire. We had our chance at the ... of Wicca and do not sign ...

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4.The Death of Satan

This new Satan appears most vividly in the Book of Revelation as "that old serpent, called the Devil ... Territory by President Jefferson, the imaginary bestiary had been almost totally depleted ...

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5.Top 10 Worst First Names for a Boy

Cause I know like if a dude came up to me and was like "Hey my name's Dick! " I would give him hell for it, and then laugh and walk off...and not even to be mean! But just cause it's that funny! It's ...

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6.As devilish moniker becomes more popular than 'Nigel'.... Is naming your child Lucifer a hellish choice?

When our daughter Bea was given a furry toy dog as a confirmation ... a rose by any other name might smell as sweet, a child called Satan is just wrong. Growing up, I had a cat called Lucifer.

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7.Camping with President Theodore Roosevelt

At the time I made the trip to Yellowstone Park with President Roosevelt ... to their minds incidents which they had forgotten, and the names of horses and dogs which had escaped them.

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8.Man charged with making threats against Dominican president

He also described him as a believer in the QAnon conspiracy theory, which suggests that former President Donald Trump was fighting a secret campaign against a Satan-worshipping cabal of deep state ...

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9.Kitten receives surgery at Hall animal shelter to repair broken back, is adopted

Gizmo arrived at the Animal Shelter in early ... He also has a new name that's perfectly suited for a cat with no tail. His new owner calls him "Stubs." Twenty years after a self-proclaimed Satanist ...

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10.Filmmaker Penny Lane asks Sundance audiences if they will ‘Hail Satan?’

The name Satan conjures up the ... “I keep seeing news headlines about the Satanic Temple, because they kept popping up at the corner of my consciousness over the course of a few years,” she said.

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Wikipedia sayings about which president had a dog named satan?

1.Belial in popular culture

against Satan, whom he sees as having gone soft. In the 2011 film Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, Belial is a powerful demon which can be summoned through a magical in popular culture

2.The Whitest Kids U' Know

he is. Satan is also mentioned several times by various Whitest characters throughout the sketches. SuperDog – Perhaps more of a prop than a character Whitest Kids U' Know