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1.Dune: The Heir of Caladan

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2.Dune Quixote

While Aladdin is trying on some hats, Sadira gets caught stealing a ladle by Farouk. She hides the ladle behind her back and tells the merchant that she doesn't have it. When Farouk leaves, Sadira ...

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3.Phibian (Dune)

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4.Dune - A Composable Build System

Dune is a build system designed for OCaml/Reason projects only. It focuses on providing the user with a consistent experience and takes care of most low-level details of OCaml compilations. It's ...

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5.‘Dune’ Is Opening in Movie Theaters… and Your Living Room. Here’s Why That’s a Mistake (Column)

“Dune” is opening simultaneously in movie theaters and on home screens because Warner Bros., the company that Wikipedia now describes as “an American diversified multinational mass media and ...

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6.Bland 'Dune' - also, Frank Herbert's dug-up homophobia

Attending the morning screening of Dune at the New York Film Festival ... It's times like these when you really appreciate Wikipedia. So why is everyone's excited about controlling the planet of ...

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7.Exploring The Dune Shacks Of Peaked Hill Bars Historic District At Cape Cod National Seashore

Wikipedia Playwrite Eugene O'Neill took up summer residence ... the Park Service turned to a local historian to document the significance of the collection of shacks. Long-time dune dweller and ...

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8.Review: Dune and The Velvet Underground

Say what you will about David Lynch's 1984 version of Dune—many people have said many unkind things about it over the years, because it's a mess—but the movie has some indelible components.

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9.Dune Director Denis Villeneuve Dreams To Direct The Next James Bond Flick: “That Would Be Pure Cinematic Joy”

Denis Villeneuve wants to make a James Bond film ( Photo Credit – Wikipedia ) Filmmaker Denis ... reports The ‘Dune’ director said: “It would be a big challenge for ...

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10.For Oman Visa On Arrival Or Online e-Visa

Rugged mountains that rise to over 9000 feet, vast expanses of desert with large dunes and miles of uninhabited coastlines dotted with old historic forts are the country’s most striking geographical ...

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1.Dune of Pilat

The Dune of Pilat (French: Dune du Pilat, official name), also called Grande Dune du Pilat, is the tallest sand dune in Europe. It is located in La Teste-de-Buch of Pilat

2.Bene Tleilax

extremely xenophobic and isolationist society in Frank Herbert's science fiction Dune universe. Genetic manipulators who traffic in biological products such as Tleilax