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This grapnel gun from the 89 Batman movie is a great looking prop for the costume. It was what was expected, but it looks great, and is fun. The grapnel shoots out about 5 feet on a string, but I didn't buy it for function. The handle folds out, and it takes a couple of LR1 batteries to make the grapnel work.


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1.What Are Prop Guns? Read More About How They Work & The Damage They Can Do

Actor Alec Baldwin on Friday accidentally fired a prop gun on the sets of his movie 'Rust' which resulted in the death of ...

From : RepublicWorld

2.Prop guns: What they are and how they can kill

The goal of movies and TV series is to make scenes look realistic. When it comes to prop guns, they don't just look dangerous ...

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3.What is a prop gun and how can it kill someone? How the Alec Baldwin tragedy was possible

An incident with a prop gun discharged by Alec Baldwin killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza ...

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4.What is the prop gun Alec Baldwin used, and why are they still on film sets?

As firearms experts, writers and producers wondered aloud how Baldwin firing a prop gun ended up killing Halyna Hutchins ...

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5.Sheriff: Alec Baldwin fired prop gun that killed cinematographer on set

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Actor Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun on the set of a Western and killed the cinematographer, officials ...

From : Mercury News

6.Prop gun fired by Alec Baldwin that killed crew member contained "live" bullet, IATSE says

According to new reports, the fatal accident on set of new Western Rust involved a prop master who was not a member of the ...

From : AV Club

7.Prop Gun Specialist Calls Alec Baldwin 'Very Safe,' Says Props Dept. Likely to Blame

A film set weapons expert who has worked with Baldwin before said the actor is very cautious and someone else is likely at ...

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8.Alec Baldwin Fires ‘Prop Gun’ On Film Set, Killing Crew Member And Wounding Director

Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin was questioned by investigators Thursday afternoon after he discharged a “prop firearm” on a ...

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9.Halyna Hutchins: Colleagues mourn cinematographer killed in prop-gun incident on Alec Baldwin set

The cinematographer who was killed when Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun on a New Mexico film set is being mourned and ...

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10.Brandon Lee's family speak out after fatal prop gun shooting on set

The family of late actor Brandon Lee has spoken out following the news that cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed and ...

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11.Gun Alec Baldwin Fired on Rust Set Contained 'Live Round,' Prop Masters Union Says

The gun that shot and killed a cinematographer and injured a director on the set of Alec Baldwin 's film Rust contained a ...

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Wikipedia sayings about what is a prop gun

1.The Maltese Falcon (1941 film)

a film prop at that time. A 45-pound metal prop that appeared in the film was sold at auction on November 25, 2013 for over $4 million. Following a preview Maltese Falcon (1941 film)

2.Gun barrel sequence

The gun barrel sequence is a signature device featured in nearly every James Bond film. Shot from the point of view of a presumed assassin, it features barrel sequence