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1.How long does it take for a body to decompose at sea?

If you're planning a burial at sea, the rate at which your body to break down largely depends on whether you pick a tropical or temperate ocean. It depends on the temperature of the water. In cold ...

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2.Death & Decomposition in Space

We actually don’t know how long it would take for a body to entirely decompose this way ... or other celestial body. If it does, space radiation would rip through the body like a firestorm ...

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3.How would humans decompose on Mars?

On Earth, human remains eventually decompose as the environment recycles the body’s biomass ... fungi also move in, taking care of the rest of the cleanup. Connor does note that “decomposition ...

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4.Body Farm

Bass had long experience as a "bone detective ... transition that was already known; a dead body does initially swell up with gas because of bacterial action, but afterwards it starts to shrink and ...

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5.Mixing Chemical and Physical Sunscreens Can Make Them Degrade

A recent study published in Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences on October 14 suggests that mixing mineral and chemical ...

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6.Warhammer 40K: Perfecting the World Eaters

Today we're going over World Eater repetitions. How to get your tournament muscle memory strong - for the Brass Throne!

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7.A rookie's guide to Formula 1

It’s the most technologically advanced racing series, combining the best cars and drivers and pitting them against each other ...

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8.Almost 30,000 coffee pods go to landfill each month and take 500 years to decompose

This is longer than plastic drinks bottles which can take over 400 years, and considerably longer than aluminium cans which can decompose in 80-100 years. The research by Packaging Online reveals ...

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9.You Might Have Fewer Antibodies Now, and That’s Okay

In early March, Deepta Bhattacharya, an immunologist at the University of Arizona, celebrated a milestone: hitting the point ...

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10.Taking RNA technology into NZ’s future

NZ has the scientific expertise to solve problems unique to our nation and globally – we just need the investment, writes ...

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11.How Long Can You Freeze Your Meals Before They Go Bad?

Wondering how long your soup will stay good ... However, by themselves, pasta does not freeze well, neither do grains when they are generally "plain.'" "Generally, freezing at home will tend to ...

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12.How long does an electric car battery last?

In August 2021, Luca de Meo, chief executive of Renault, said that it might take ... long their batteries will last. We know what damages batteries, we know some of the chemical processes that ...

From : The Daily Telegraph

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1.List of A Certain Magical Index characters

Othinus to take revenge for what she had done to Ollerus and gruesomely beats Tōma to make the Magic God feel how to lose someone she cared for. The Church of A Certain Magical Index characters

2.North (poetry collection)

Fruit" do not evoke the body's past life and describe it as a bog body. Heaney describes the body as it has been preserved and how this body gradually (poetry collection)