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1.What is the metaverse? Meaning explained

THE concept of the metaverse is quickly becoming a buzzword in technology and business which is being embraced by Facebook.

From : The Sun

2.This Ethereum-based metaverse is letting crypto fans own land on the Red Planet, even though international space laws would disagree

Mars4 is new metaverse based on Ethereum that will let users buy plots of land on the Red Planet in form of non-fungible ...

From : MSN

3.Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey mocks Mark Zuckerberg's plans to turn Facebook into a 'metaverse', agreeing with a tweet calling it a 'dystopian corporate dictatorship'

Facebook wants the 'metaverse' to be a future version of the internet, where users use virtual reality and augmented reality ...

From : Daily Mail

4.Explained: What Exactly is Metaverse & Why Facebook Wants to Rebrand Itself as One?

In the article below we have tried to explain what Metaverse is and why is Facebook so eager to rebrand itself as a Metaverse ...

From : Rojgar Samachar

5.People are paying real money for virtual real estate in the metaverse

That’s the common phrase for success in the real estate market, and it’s no different when these properties are listed in an ...

From : Leader-Post

6.Here's Why The Metaverse Concept Is Brilliant And Ridiculous At The Same Time

The metaverse seeks to allow users to ‘live within’ the internet rather than just surfing it in 2D. As ambitious as that idea ...

From : LinkedIn

7.Fitness Metaverse OliveX (BVI) Raises US$1.7M in Strategic Round

Limited ("OliveX (BVI)"), a leader in gamified fitness metaverses and developer of viral fitness apps and technologies such ...

From : YAHOO!Finance

8.Improbable takes another crack at explaining the metaverse

After skepticism of the company's vision, CEO Herman Narula wants to be more precise about what it is, and how it's different ...

From : Games Industry

9.Explained: Why Facebook wants to rebrand itself for the ‘Metaverse’

What exactly is the metaverse and why is Facebook so invested in it? More importantly, does the metaverse even exist?

From : The Indian Express on

10.Metaverse – The Future of Facebook?

Facebook tries to distract from its negative press in October 2021 with the magic word "Metaverse". What is behind it still ...

From : morethandigital

11.Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey mocks Facebook's plans to create a 'metaverse'

Facebook wants the 'metaverse' to be a future version of the internet, where users use virtual reality and augmented reality ...

From :

Wikipedia sayings about what is metaverse

1.SM Culture Universe

Technology (KAIST) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for a joint metaverse study. Previously, Lee Soo-man had teamed up with Marvel, Creative Artists Culture Universe

2.Persona 5

secret vigilantes known as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. They explore the Metaverse, a supernatural realm born from humanity's subconscious desires, to steal 5