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1.Dune: science fiction’s answer to Lord of the Rings

Frank Herbert’s novel, now adapted for cinema with Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya, is finally getting the recognition it ...

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2.Dune is an absorbing and visually striking sci-fi epic – with one major problem

Compare that to David Lynch’s famously divisive attempt in 1984, and that’s no mean feat. Dune aspires to do justice to its ...

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3.‘Dune’ Review: A Visually Stunning, Emotionally Lacking Sci-Fi Epic

Whatever “Dune” lacks in original storytelling, it more than makes up for with its methodical pace, awe-inspiring cinematography, and powerful sound design.

From : The Harvard Crimson

4.Dune Review: To Be Continued

"Dune" is visually and narratively ambitious ... to a fault ...

From : Looper

5.DUNE – Interview with Stellan Skarsgard

S wedish actor Stellan Skarsgård is barely recognisable in his role as DUNE villain Baron Harkonnen. He shun CGI technology ...

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6.Drone use by governments is expanding, so what does that mean for your privacy?

Over the last 10 years, more than 1,500 state and local public safety agencies in the U.S. have acquired a drone.

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7.Denis Villeneuve Changed His Tune with ‘Dune’ — ‘I Wanted This Movie to Be My Best Pop Movie’

With Timothee Chalamet as his “hypersensitive” hero, the director wanted “Dune” to be more audience-friendly than his “Blade ...

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8.How to watch Dune (2021) free streaming online: Is Dune on HBO Max?

New sci-fi epic hits HBO Max from 21st October! Dune – the hotly-anticipated sci-fi blockbuster starring Oscar nominee ...

From : Inter Press Service

9.Brian Herbert on Dune: ‘My Father Could See Into the Future’

It’s not an easy thing, being the heir to Dune. Frank Herbert, who wrote the original book and many subsequent novels, died ...

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10.Where To Watch ‘Dune 2021’ free streaming online At home

Is Dune Movie 2021 available to stream? Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about Dune 2021 Full movie how and ...

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11.Watch Dune stars discuss their 'magical' collaboration and the meaning of the spice

EW's roundtable with the cast, filmed at the Venice Film Festival and hosted by Cynthia Erivo, touched on many elements of ...

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12.Bringing The Houses of Dune To Life

CGMagazine got the chance to talk to Donald Mowat, head of makeup, in the run-up to the theatrical release of Dune.

From : Comics Gaming Magazine

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1.Vampire Doll: Guilt-Na-Zan

allowed Dune to stay as a student, to calm down the raucous fights by sucking negative vibes. She seems to care about Dune quite a lot, although she does make Doll: Guilt-Na-Zan


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