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All the mathematical background is much too complicated to include here but the answer is that it lands a distance d=4 ωv 0 3 cosλ/(3g 2) west of where it was shot; here ω=7.27x10-5 s-1 is the angular velocity of the earth, v 0 is the initial velocity of the bullet, λ is the latitude where the gun is located, and g=9.8 m/s 2 is the acceleration due to gravity.


This is simply the instant you decide to start your clock or stopwatch, so it is the origin of your time coordinate. A video frame labeled ;t = 4 seconds” means it was taken 4 seconds after you started your clock. We typically choose t = 0 to represent the “beginning” of a problem, but the object may have been moving before then.

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A second great step in advance was the employment of machinery, which, when once fashioned by hand, saved an enormous amount of time and trouble—the pump, the blowing bellows, the spinning-wheel ...

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Tereza Pultarova Wednesday, October 6, 2021: Coastal desert areas along the Gulf of Oman can be seen submerged in water after Cyclone ... Feb. 17 when Juno was between 16,700 and 59,300 miles ...

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