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1.How Can You Spot Really Bad Managers? They Do Any of These 5 Terrible Things

Below, I highlight five bad management traits and habits of managers I have seen over the course of twenty years. These ...

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2.Warning: Your strength can become your weakness

But how many of us would admit that we can also turn strengths into weaknesses? Most of us don’t even think this is possible.

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3.OU QB Dilemma: Former college HC says 'Go with the guy that got you to the dance'

Former Hawaii and SMU head coach June Jones shared his thoughts on what he’d do with the Oklahoma Sooners QB situation vs.

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4.Our Newest Analyst Can Find the 'Needles in the Big Haystack'

New senior analyst Matt McCall – a veteran stock-picker with an incredible track record – discusses his strategy and how he focuses on where the world is going, rather than where it is ...

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5.What Really Happens To Plastic Drink Bottles You Toss In Your Recycling Bin

They’re usually turned into carpets and pillows, but 100% recycled bottles do exist… How much is actually collected for ...

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6.Environment chiefs tell how 'horrible' Walleys Quarry stink will be tackled

The Environment Agency has published its latest plan for reducing hydrohen sulphide emissions at Walleys Quarry, following a ...

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7.'Really, thank you very much': Jurgen Klopp fumes at Liverpool's lunchtime kick-off time on Saturday

The Reds kicked off at 12.30pm British time against the Hornets in the Premier League at Vicarage Road on Saturday afternoon ...

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8.Millwall’s Billy Mitchell on boss’s promise to squad, lessons playing wing-back – plus ultimate goal

BILLY Mitchell has an old head on young shoulders so he was never going to get too disheartened by Millwall’s deflating start ...

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9.Miss Manners: What if everyone gets cake but you want sorbet?

She doesn’t want the cake and orders sorbet for dessert instead. Was that rude of her? GENTLE READER: Yes. But before you ...

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10.As an Anti-Diet Dietitian, Here’s How I Tell Clients to Respond to Comments About Their Bodies

When people comment on your body, your weight or your health, it can make you feel terrible and fuel disordered eating.

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11.Patrick Vieira praises Mikel Arteta and compares the Arsenal manager to Didier Deschamps just hours after the Spaniard referred to the Crystal Palace boss as …

Patrick Vieira has compared Mikel Arteta to Didier Deschamps' ahead to his 'emotional return to the Emirates on Monday ...

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