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1.Halloween Kills star Jamie Lee Curtis hates horror movies

Horror movie icon Jamie Lee Curtis thinks hating scary films has helped her performances in the 'Halloween' franchise.

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2.Jamie Lee Curtis hasn’t watched any horror movies, despite starring in so many

Jamie Lee Curtis is a bona fide scream queen — but fright flicks aren’t her thing. The actress has been in — and survived — a ...

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3.Jamie Lee Curtis on 'Halloween' beginnings, why Arnold didn't want her for 'True Lies' and her secret text code with Lindsay Lohan

Jamie Lee Curtis talks "Halloween," "Trading Places," "A Fish Called Wanda," "True Lies" and more in our new episode of "Role ...

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4.Jamie Lee Curtis dresses as mother's famous 'Psycho' character at 'Halloween Kills' premiere

At the premiere for "Halloween Kills," Jamie Lee Curtis honored her late mother, Janet Leigh, by dressing up as her famous ...

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5.Jamie Lee Curtis of ‘Halloween Kills’ has starred in the franchise since 1978

Jamie Lee Curtis just paid the ultimate tribute to her mother. She appeared on the red carpet for the October 12, 2021 movie ...

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6.Jamie Lee Curtis: ‘I never thought I’d be an actress. I could not look in the mirror and go, damn!’

Kills, Jamie Lee Curtis reprises one of the most iconic and resilient characters in movie history, the babysitter who took on ...

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7.Jamie Lee Curtis: ‘My biggest roles were to do with my body, my physicality, my sexuality’

As she plays Laurie Strode for the sixth time in Halloween Kills, she discusses sisterhood, survival – and the parallels ...

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8.Jamie Lee Curtis & Ryan Murphy Teaming On Netflix Limited Series About LA Dodger Glenn Burke Who Gave First High Five

EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Lee Curtis revealed to us on today’s Hero ... That man being 19-year old Los Angeles Dodger Glenn Burke, who ...

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9.Jamie Lee Curtis believes Halloween franchise could go on and on

Jamie Lee Curtis has suggested that the 'Halloween' franchise could carry on following the latest trilogy. Jamie Lee Curtis ...

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10.Jamie Lee Curtis On How ‘Halloween Kills’ Digs Into Society’s Rage Problem – “There’s So Much Hatred Being Spewed”

Keep telling yourself, “It’s just a movie.” That is, unless it’s David Gordon Green’s run on the Halloween franchise, ...

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11.Can There Be a Michael Myers Without Laurie Strode? Jamie Lee Curtis Answers

Halloween” has been a staple of the spookiest season ever since John Carpenter unleashed the unrelenting monster Michael ...

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12.For An Old Franchise, Jamie Lee Curtis Says ‘Halloween Kills’ Has Some New Tricks

The Halloween franchise has been around for so long that Jamie Lee Curtis, who played a high-school student in the original film, is now in her 60s. Yet the saga endures, and the latest sequel, ...

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1.List of Halloween (franchise) characters

(1979) by Curtis Richards (pseudonym used by author Richard Curtis) Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) first appears in the 1978 film Halloween and is a high of Halloween (franchise) characters

2.Halloween (1978 film)

co-written with producer Debra Hill, and starring Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis in her film debut. The plot tells about a mental patient who was committed (1978 film)