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1.Here's What The Actor Who Plays Michael Myers Looks Like In Halloween Kills

Michael Myers has a terrifying face behind that mask. "Halloween Kills" has teased a look at an unmasked Michael, and we know what it could look like.

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2.Halloween Kills: Does New Film Feature Unmasked Michael Myers?

Kills follow! With its release this week, Halloween Kills marks the 12th movie in the horror film franchise and one with ...

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3.Michael Myers' Backstory Explained

Michael Myers is the lifeblood of the "Halloween" franchise. A horror movie legend, he's so frightening because he can't be ...

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4.Cross Dimension Warzone: Michael Myers

Intro: Michael is seen laying down only to sit up, stand upright, and pull out his knife while staring at his opponent. Outro: The camera cuts to a first-person view of Michael's point of sight, ...

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5.Halloween Kills ending explained: your biggest questions answered

If you're caught up on Halloween Kills, then you'll know the movie took some bold steps, with a major death and a surprising ...

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6.Halloween Kills Ending Explained: What Happens, And What It Means For Halloween Ends

The following contains major spoilers for Halloween Kills. This weekend, the 200th Halloween movie arrives in theaters. Ok, ...

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7.Halloween Kills: Familiar Faces Look to Stop Michael Myers’ Evil

Kyle Richards, Charles Cypher, Nancy Stephens, and more familiar faces return to Haddonfield to take Michael Myers down once ...

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8.Halloween Kills ending explained: How does it set up the final movie of the trilogy?

Kills ending spoilers follow. Michael Myers is back from the dead (again) in Halloween Kills, the eagerly-awaited sequel to ...

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9.Halloween lives - the scary movie franchise that refuses to die

Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode faces Michael Myers on screen for the fifth time this week in Halloween Kills. But how did we ...

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10.Halloween nearly crossed over with Hellraiser in Michael Myers vs. Pinhead

Two titans of terror nearly met in a horror movie so bonkers it would make Freddy vs. Jason look like a kids movie. OK, that ...

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1.Halloween (2018 film)

remake's portrayal of lead killer Michael Myers, planned on helping the studio to make the next Halloween film into what he believed to be more terrifying (2018 film)

2.Halloween II (1981 film)

finish the story of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. It also introduces the plot twist of Laurie Strode being the sister of Michael Myers, a feature that II (1981 film)