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1.Tom Cruise face: Top Gun star's changing appearance causes Twitter stir

Cruise, 59, was enjoying a night out at Oracle Park to watch the San Francisco Giants play the Los Angeles Dodgers with his ...

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2.Tom Cruise Serenaded With Top Gun Music At L.A. Dodgers Playoff Game!

Tom Cruise was spotted in San Francisco for the Giants playoffs matchup, where the actor was serenaded with the 'Top Gun' ...

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3.Tom Cruise helped his Top Gun co-star overcome her fear of flying

Tom Cruise helped his partner in the “Top Gun” film to overcome the fear of flying – Russia news today Best Shooter “ (1986), ...

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4.‘Top Gun: Maverick’: Tom Cruise Insisted In-Flight Scenes Use Real Aircraft, Forcing the Cast to Undergo G-Force Training

Maverick' is sure to satisfy fans — and the use of real aircrafts is 1 addition from Tom Cruise fans will love.

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5.‘Fat’ Tom Cruise could be surgery related as baseball photos go viral

After appearing at a baseball game, social media users labelled Tom Cruise as 'fat', speculating that he had undergone ...

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6.How old is Tom Cruise?

TOM Cruise is one of the most popular actors in the Hollywood world. The superstar has enjoyed an incredible career and some ...

From : The Sun

7.Why Tom Cruise's face looks different: How the actor's appearance has changed over the years

Tom Cruise made headlines when he was spotted at a baseball game this week, and now a doctor has weighed in on why his face ...

From : The New Zealand Herald

8.Truth behind Tom Cruise’s ‘swollen’ face

With his boyish good looks and absence of frown lines, plastic surgery rumours have dogged Tom Cruise for years.

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9.Tom Cruise's Attendance At Baseball Game Has Everyone Crying ‘Deep Fake’

We’re so used to seeing Tom Cruise hanging off the back of aeroplanes, standing on top of speeding trains or you know, ...

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10.Top Gun: Maverick Has Another Release Date, Here’s Everything You Can Expect

Maverick so far. The main draw here is that Tom Cruise is back, this time playing a mentor-like figure to other pilots, ...

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11.Leave Tom Cruise’s face alone — he’s getting the same catty treatment as female celebrities and it’s equally disgusting

Is the world so cruel that it now sees a famous actor at a baseball game with his son and instantly wonders if he is storing ...

From : The Star

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1.Val Kilmer

being cast as naval aviator "Iceman" in the action film Top Gun alongside Tom Cruise. Top Gun grossed a total of $344,700,000 worldwide and made Kilmer Kilmer

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