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What is the difference between a standard normal distribution and a nonstandard normal distribution? Choose the correct answer below. A. The standard normal distribution has a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 1, while a nonstandard normal distribution has a different value for one or both of those parameters. Your answer is correct. B.


Generate tables of random integers from any specified range, or random values from a Normal distribution with any specified mean and SD. Random fractional numbers -- generates any number of random numbers, each a fraction between 0 and 1 with 8 digits after the decimal point


2) IEEE802.3at standard; IEEE802.3at standard is based on IEEE802.3af and can be regarded as the enhanced version of the IEEE802.3af. The power from a single port is up to 30W, which can meet the requirement of the higher power devices such as video Phone, PTZ device and etc. 3) The difference between the two standards.


If the ‘connection speed’ is quite normal (pretty the same compared to what the PC gets when connected to the router directly), then please go to step 2. If the ‘connection speed’ is poor (for example, it only has 100Mbps while the Ethernet card and the switch are both Gigabit devices ), then the switch and the router or switch and the PC are not communicating well.


Gender differences in economic determinants of health and illness. Productive labour is usually defined as labour performed outside the household in income-generating employment; reproductive labour includes work done within the household, such as food preparation, childcare, housework, care of livestock and kitchen gardens.

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1.Vocal cords

writing and blog entries, contemporary writers opt for the nonstandard chords instead of cords 49% of the time. The cords spelling is also standard in the United cords

2.Border Gateway Protocol

the vendor interpretations, BGP implementations that used the nonstandard default value have a configuration feature that allows the old or standard rule Gateway Protocol