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1.What does the red flag emoji mean on Facebook? Trend explained

Is your Facebook feed flooded with red flags, like this 🚩? Well, if you're a little confused, here's exactly what it means.

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2.Sexual harassment at work: How to spot red flags and where you can seek help

When does friendliness or flirtation cross the line into unwelcome and inappropriate behaviour at the workplace? What should ...

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3.7 red flags to look for when choosing a VPN

That's why you also need to look for warning signs, the key factors which indicate that this certain provider isn't the one ...

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4.The Atiku red flag to PDP NEC

LEON USIGBE, in this piece, examines the remark by former Vice President Atiku Abubakar to the recent meeting of the National ...

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5.Zimbabwe: CSOs Raise Red Flag Over Police Partisan Nature

Civic Society Organisations under the flagship of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) have expressed concern over what it says 'partisan nature' of the Zimbabwe Republic Police following recent ...

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6.Jamaica or Traffic Light: What’s next for Germany and what does it mean?

After Sunday's stunning federal elections, Germany is at a crossroads: stuck between a traffic light and a Jamaican flag. But ...

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7.Gabby Petito was strangled. Experts say such an assault is a red flag for intimate partner homicides.

Strangulation is one of the leading predictors of future domestic violence-related homicides, and experts say it's more ...

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8.Viewing homes: Watch out for these renovation red flags

Newly-renovated properties are very attractive to buyers keen to avoid any work when they’ve moved in. However, would-be ...

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9.Trump Supporters Are Waving All-Black American Flags, and Here’s Why You Should Be Nervous

Oh, and now add to that mix that some have begun waving all-black American flags, which is the reverse of the white flag of ...

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10.‘You’ season 3 review: Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti raise red flags galore in suburbia

Just when we thought psychodrama series ‘You’ could not get any more depraved, the third season brings in more bone-chilling ...

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11.What does the Dallas Cowboys star mean and why are they considered America's Team?

Everyone knows that the Cowboys are America’s team, but how did that start and why is a team with a streak of no big wins ...

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12.Boom Or Bust: What Does The Future Hold For Six Flags Entertainment Corporation (NYSE: SIX) Stock?

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation (NYSE:SIX)’s traded shares stood at 0.84 million during the last session, with the ...

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1.Métis flag

citizens of the Métis Nation. The flag shows a white infinity symbol on a field of either blue or red. There are many interpretations of what the coloursétis flag

2.Flag of Mali

removed the kanaga. "What Do The Colors And Symbols Of The Flag Of Mali Mean?". WorldAtlas. "Flag of Mali". Encyclopedia Britannica. Guide to the Flags of of Mali