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1.Why is Southwest Airlines canceling flights? 3 things to know about what went wrong

Usually beloved, Southwest Airlines suffered major turbulence when it canceled hundreds of flights in the past three days.

From : The Arizona Republic

2.Southwest cancels, delays hundreds of flights nationwide. Here's what happened

If you're flying Southwest Airlines this weekend, make sure to check your flight before you leave for the airport. ...

From : MSN

3.Southwest cancels thousands of flights, leading to chaos at airports across the country

The delays and cancelations began shortly after the pilot's union tried to block Southwest's new COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

From : CBS News on

4.Southwest Airlines addresses cancelations, delays — why one expert says it may happen again

Dozens of Southwest Airlines flights in and out of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport were still delayed Monday night.

From : KXAN

5.Southwest Again Blames Others For Its Operational Failures

It all feels a little too familiar doesn’t it? Southwest is in the middle of another operational meltdown, and just like what ...

From : Cranky Flier

6.Southwest President says nothing nefarious behind flight cancellations, airline eyes holiday travel cuts

Southwest Airlines canceled 1 in 4 flights over the holiday weekend, but it wasn’t clear why. Here’s what President and COO ...

From : YAHOO!News

7.‘We just had a bad weekend’: Southwest Airlines’ incoming CEO apologizes for flight disruptions

Southwest Airlines canceled more than 2,000 flights between Friday and Monday and left hundreds of customers stranded across ...

From : Dallas Morning News

8.Ted Cruz & Co. Promote Nonexistent Anti-Vax Airline ‘Strike’

How an anti-vaxxer meme about an airline vaccine-mandate protest appears to have tricked Republican senators and congressmen.

From : The Daily Beast

9.Southwest Airlines Cancels More Than 1K Flight On Sunday Blaming Air Traffic Control Issues

On Sunday, Southwest Airlines Co (NYSE: LUV) announced the cancelation of more than 1,000 flights due to air traffic control ...

From : MSN

10.Southwest cancels and delays hundreds of flights nationwide. Here's what happened

If you're flying Southwest Airlines this weekend, make sure to check your flight before you leave for the airport. An Air Traffic Control issue combined with weather delays has caused problems across ...

From : The Arizona Republic

11.What is happening with COVID-19 in Colorado? It’s rising

COVID-19 continues to rise in Colorado this week, including the incidence rates. Last week, the incidence rates were similar ...

From : FOX31 Denver

12.What Happened To US Airways’ MetroJet Low-Cost Subsidiary?

Over the years, several major American carriers have dabbled in the world of low-cost subsidiaries. For example, ...

From : Simple Flying

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1.Alaska Airlines

1993 when low-cost airline Southwest Airlines entered the Pacific Northwest by purchasing Morris Air. Nevertheless, Alaska Airlines was able to keep its Airlines

2.Portland International Jetport

rock-bottom prices. The airline flew between Portland and Newark, still operated today by United Airlines, who merged with Continental Airlines, which had bought International Jetport