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1.Bully pulpit no more: Meet Jen Psaki, Joe Biden’s safe pair of hands

The White House press secretary has tamped down Trump-era vitriol. She still may not answer your question, though ...

From : The Irish Times

2.Dasani’s Story

Eight years later, we revisit the story of Dasani, a fierce and vulnerable child of New York. Nine years ago, my colleague ...

From : New York Times

3.Your Wednesday Briefing

Party members will vote Wednesday to choose a successor to Yoshihide Suga, the current prime minister and party leader. But ...

From : New York Times

4.Ditch Your Device and Exercise Your Brain with These Puzzles and Games

If you feel tethered to devices and are longing for a break, try some of these old school puzzles and games to give your ...

From : St. Louis Post-Dispatch

5.Media magnate Allan Slaight built a Canadian broadcast empire

A pioneer in rock radio, Allan Slaight once owned the country’s largest privately held multimedia company and gave away tens ...

From : The Globe and Mail

6.MICHAEL M. GRYNBAUM: Bully pulpit no more - Jen Psaki's turn at the lectern

President Biden's press secretary has tamped down the vitriol that colored news briefings during the Trump administration.

From : WRAL

7.Obituary: Donald Federman

Donald Federman was raised on the ... NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. – Born in New York City, N.Y. on Jan. 2, 1930, Donald Federman was ...

From : Portland Press Herald

8.Why place matters in celebrating Jo’burg’s club history

The history of clubbing in Jo’burg is less about physical space and fading memories, but about the sheer, frightful necessity ...

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Wikipedia sayings about book part crossword clue

1.Born a Crime

its title was used as a clue in the New York Times Crossword Puzzle. U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth cited Born a Crime as the book that inspired her to write a Crime

2.Playfair cipher

solution. The cipher lends itself well to crossword puzzles, because the plaintext is found by solving one set of clues, while the ciphertext is found by solving cipher