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1.HIRAX collaborates with CERN on RFI testing of the HIRAX Correlator

HIRAX collaborates with CERN on RFI testing of the HIRAX Correlator. The Hydrogen Intensity Real-time Analysis eXperiment ...

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2.Nevada becomes 39th state to create multi-agency wildlife cooperative research unit

The newly formed Nevada Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit brings state and federal wildlife management resources together, providing for a cooperative partnership that ensures resources are ...

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Wikipedia sayings about a photon has a frequency of 223 mhz. what is the energy of this photon?

1.Orders of magnitude (energy)

This list compares various energies in joules (J), organized by order of magnitude. The joule is named after James Prescott Joule. As with every SI unit of magnitude (energy)

2.Faster-than-light neutrino anomaly

10 MHz frequency, lengthening the reported flight-time of neutrinos, thereby somewhat reducing the seeming faster-than-light effect. OPERA stated the component neutrino anomaly