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1.Squid Game ending explained: Who wins Squid Game and what is it all about?

SQUID GAME is a South Korean survival drama in the same vein as The Hunger Games and Divergent. Who wins Squid Game and what ...

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2.‘Squid Game’ Actor Christian Lagahit Shares Behind the Scenes Snaps

Christian Lagahit takes us behind the scenes of Squid Game. With over 2,000 posts on his Instagram account, Lagahit takes his ...

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3.‘Squid Game’ director on what’s making Korean content popular globally

Hwang Dong-hyuk's latest offering on Netflix is the Korean survival show 'Squid Game'. The director has talked about what is making Korean content so ...

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4.‘One million won ang lasa’: Valenzuela cafe promotes menu with ‘Squid Game’ reference

A cafe in Valenzuela promoted one of its menu items by referencing the South Korean survival drama series "Squid Game" and ...

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5.10 Money Lessons That You Can Get From Watching ‘Squid Game’

Are you struggling with your finances too? Well, get it from Squid Game! Here are some of the lessons about money spending ...

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6.'Squid Game' Fans Have Been Calling The Number Shown In The Drama, And The Owner Is Really Fed Up

We all know how annoying it is to always field calls from bank officers or insurance agents trying to sell you their latest ...

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7.Squid Game: Season 2 renewal and ending explained

Netflix has only just launched their latest Korean drama ‘Squid Game’, but can viewers expect to see a second deadly ...

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8.Who is Anupam Tripathi? All you need to know about Squid Game's Indian connect

Squid Game, Netflix's most recent release, is taking the world by storm. The show features a surprising Indian connection, in ...

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9.Squid Game’s Most Heartbreaking Hour is Also Its Best

Squid Game is consistently great across its nine episodes, but one hour stands above the rest. This Squid Game article ...

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10.Squid Game season 2 on Netflix release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

Squid Game spoilers follow. Anyone complaining that there's nothing good to watch on Netflix clearly hasn't been paying ...

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11.Will there be a Squid Game series 2? What we know about a new series of the Netflix drama

Dystopian drama Squid Game pits people against one another in a dystopian death match. But will it return for a second series ...

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12.Shows and Movies Like 'Squid Game' to Watch

You may have read the mega-hit YA series it inspired, The Hunger Games. This supernatural Japanese film has also been ...

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1.Darwin's Game

Darwin's Game (Japanese: ダーウィンズゲーム, Hepburn: Dāwinzu Gēmu) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by FLIPFLOPs. An anime television series's Game


October 16, 2005. The series is about the Cuyler family, an impoverished family of anthropomorphic hillbilly mud squids living in the Georgia region of