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1.What is 5G UC? Meaning of T-Mobile icon for iPhone users explained

T-Mobile users have said that they have noticed the icon of 5G Ultra Capacity, aka 5G UC, on their devices. Here's what you ...

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2.T-Mobile is rolling out a new ‘5G UC’ icon for iPhones to tell when you have real 5G

T-Mobile has announced that it’ll be rolling out a new “5G UC” icon on the upcoming iPhone 13 lineup to let customers know ...

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3.T-Mobile's new '5G UC' icon won't be iPhone 13 exclusive

That is why T-Mobile is both including Ultra Capacity in its 5G coverage maps now, and intending to show when you are ...

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4.You're About to See a New 5G Icon On Your T-Mobile iPhone

T-Mobile is adding a new indicator to the iPhone 13 to tell you whether you’re getting ultra-fast 5G speeds or just regular ...

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5.5G and digital twins in the emerging age of trust

Up until recently when people talked about ‘digital twins’ and spatial services, it has been in reference to architectural ...

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6.The true state of Australia’s 5G networks 2021 – Opensignal

Opensignals latest report shows the true state of Australia’s 5G networks 2021. Its not pretty with Australia failing to rank ...

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7.WiFiRanger Pushes Performance Update to Converge Product Line, Preparing for 5G Release

WiFiRanger, an RV-focused company that focuses on mobile connectivity hardware, recently pushed a major new software update ...

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8.T-Mobile 5G Home Internet: Can a mobile company meet your home broadband needs?

Mobile's 5G Home Internet service. It first started rolling out as a pilot program early in the year and one of my (now ...

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9.The iPhone 13 Doesn’t Move the Needle Much on 5G | What’s New (and Does It Matter for You?)

Apple entered the world of 5G technology with a pretty big splash when it debuted its iPhone 12 lineup. In one fell swoop, ...

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10.OpenSpace: Using Software, Not Hardware, To Reconfigure The Satellite Ground Segment For A 5G World

Diversifying space architectures and the need for interoperability is driving a shift to dynamic, flexible, software-based ...

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11.Smartphone display refresh rates: What does Apple ProMotion and 120Hz mean, and does it matter?

Over the past few years we've heard a number of smartphones make bold claims about their display refresh rates. Companies ...

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12.What does the iPhone 13 reveal mean for the Apple share price?

The tech giant announced its latest iPhone this week, but is it enough to continue to drive sales in 2022, and how did the ...

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2.Richard Lazarus

doi:10.1037/h0098844. Hyman, Carol (December 4, 2002). "Richard Lazarus, UC Berkeley psychology faculty member and influential researcher, dies at 80" Lazarus