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1.Texas mom complains about descriptions of anal sex appearing in school library books

Kara Bell demanded that an Austin school board remove the book Out of Darkness by Ashley Hope Perez from its middle school ...

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2.Mum’s fury at explicit school book with sexual details she ‘had to Google’

A US mother took a school board meeting by surprise when she took to the podium to share her anger at discovering a library ...

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3.Mother outraged after finding kids’ school book contains explicit sexual details that she ‘had to Google’

A MOM in Texas took a school board meeting by surprise when she chastised them for stocking a library book describing anal ...

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4.At Texas School, Mother Expresses Discontentment Over 'Explicit Content' in Book

However, things went into disarray when a mother got up and started talking about explicit content in a library book.

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5.US mum's fury at explicit school library book with sexual details she 'had to Google'

A US mum has hijacked a school board meeting after taking the podium and absolutely losing it for discovering a library book ...

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6.Watch: Texas ‘Christian Woman of God’ Derails School Board Hearing in Attempt to Ban Book That Mentions Anal Sex

A mother of two in Texas hijacked a school board hearing when she stepped up to the podium and engaged in a rant about anal ...

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7.Texas mother interrupts school board meeting to discuss anal sex

The book is described as a fictional reimagining of the 1937 New London school explosion that killed more than 295 people.

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8.EVE OF DARKNESS Book Launch Party outdoors

Join us at Shacklands Brewing Co. on Saturday, September 25th to celebrate the release of EVE OF DARKNESS (aka Toronto 80's ...

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9.Ember of Night Book Review

At the end of another YA book I was reading, there was a preview of Ember of Night by Molly E Lee. The preview was good and ...

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10.Kevin Smith’s new book details ‘true darkness’ of working with Bruce Willis

Over ten years since the release of Cop Out, Kevin Smith is detailing more about the tension of working with Bruce Willis in ...

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11.The best Legion of Super-Heroes stories of all time

The Legion of Super-Heroes is a big part of the DC mythos, and although the teen team from the future don't currently have a ...

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1.Out of the Darkness (Turtledove novel)

Out of the Darkness (2004) by Harry Turtledove is the sixth and final book in the Darkness series. Spinello is poisoned by Vanai. The southern front is of the Darkness (Turtledove novel)


The Dweller-in-Darkness is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is a demon, one of the Fear Lords, who