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1.The Question On Everyone’s Mind Should Be How Did The Haitians Get To Mexico

So far 35,000 Haitians have come to America and are hanging out. How are they going to be fed or housed? Are they being ...

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2.Thousands of Haitian migrants TURN BACK to Mexico to avoid deportation as ...

Migrants began flowing back into the Mexican side of the southern border on Monday from Del Rio, Texas as DHS plans to ramp ...

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3.Confined to U.S. border camp, Haitian migrants wade to Mexico for supplies

The treacherous waters of the Rio Grande rushed by as Isnac Joseph admitted he didn't know how to swim. But the 31-year-old ...

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4.Options shrink for Haitian migrants straddling Texas border

The options remaining for thousands of Haitian migrants straddling the Mexico-Texas border are narrowing as the United States ...

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5.US border officials under fire over treatment of Haitian migrants

The Biden administration says it is investigating reports of border agents on horseback charging at migrants near a riverside ...

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6.Uproar over mounted border agents turning back Haitian migrants

Speaking in Del Rio, Mayorkas said Haitian migrants were receiving fake information about being able to stay in the United States.

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7.Editorial: How America got to the Haitian migrant crisis in Del Rio and how we get out

From the drone’s-eye view many of us have on cable news, the thousands of Haitians — families, pregnant women, children, ...

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8.US border agents on horseback chase, crack whips at Haiti migrants

United States authorities will investigate reports that mounted officers abused Haitians near the Mexican border, Homeland ...

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9.US to investigate reported abuse of Haitian migrants by mounted border patrol

US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Monday that the authorities would investigate reports that Haitian ...

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10.US to investigate treatment of migrants at border

US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that the authorities would investigate reports that Haitian migrants ...

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11.U.S. begins removing Haitian migrants, but they continue to flock to Texas border

A week after Haitian migrant Junior Desterville, 30, and his family had made it all the way from Chile to the burgeoning ...

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12.White House: 'Horrific' to see border agents on horses chasing Haitian migrants, should 'never' happen

Press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday that Border Patrol agents on horseback chasing Haitian migrants isn't 'acceptable or ...

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1.Venezuelan refugee crisis

2018. "Venezuelan migrants to get regional vaccination cards under..." Reuters. August 26, 2019. Retrieved August 27, 2019. "Migrantes venezolanos llegan refugee crisis

2.Underground Railroad

Service. Little, Becky (October 25, 2018). "Forgotten History: Mexico accepted slave migrants fleeing the U.S." Vallarta Daily News. Retrieved July 8, 2021 Railroad