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1.100 Sukkot Greetings and Wishes to Send Love to Your Jewish Friends and Family This Harvest Holiday

Sukkot is one of the most festive Jewish holidays, but it’s also one of the least understood. The harvest season and the ...

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2.Sukkot is the Jewish holiday that teaches us the joys of doing without

In the coming days, neighborhoods that are home to Orthodox Jewish families are experiencing their annual eruption of ...

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3.What is Sukkot? The Jewish celebration explained

Monday evening heralds the start of the Sukkot celebration, one of the most important religious events in the Jewish and ...

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4.Sukkot: What you need to know about the week-long holiday

A rundown on the holiday's history and meaning, differing customs, and rules and times for when Yom Tov begins and ends.

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5.The Meaning of Sukkot from a Russian-speaking Jewish Perspective

One of the first things that Russian-speaking Jews (RSJs) who wanted to learn more about their identity had to do in America ...

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6.Dwelling Within: A Yoga Class for Sukkot

In celebration of Sukkot, Jewish yoga and mindfulness teacher Alison Waldman leads an evening of spiritual practice. With ...

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7.What is the meaning of Sukkot and what greetings can you use to celebrate the festival?

What is Sukkot? The festival of Sukkot begins five days after the end of fasting for Yom Kippur, and lasts for seven days.

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8.25 Recipes to Celebrate Sukkot

Discover the best Sukkot recipes for celebrating this Jewish high holiday. Learn about the different traditional Sukkot dishes and how to prepare them at ...

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9.Coronavirus Grumbling, the Sukkah, and the Wisdom of Hindsight

The answer lies in the wisdom of hindsight. There are moments, both in history and in life, that we view very differently ...

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10.Sukkot: My Sukkah’s on Fire

I love my sukkah! My kids each get their own carefully selected lulav and etrog and we proudly march about every morning holding aloft our arba minim (four species). This holiday offers permission for ...

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11.Vandals paint graffiti on sukkah placed in Daley Plaza for Jewish holiday of Sukkot

"This is not going to deter or mar our joy," Rabbi Benhiyoun said. "On the contrary, my people are saying they're going to ...

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12.Sukkot 2021 Services, Celebrations In Port Washington Area

Jewish people in Port Washington will celebrate Sukkot from sunset Monday, Sept. 20, until nightfall Monday, Sept. 27.

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kittel on the first night of Selichot, the seventh day of the Holiday of Sukkot (also known as Hoshanah Rabbah), the Musaf prayers of Shemini Atzeret and


Passover (Pesach), Shavuot, and Sukkot, as well as at Hanukkah and Rosh Chodesh (beginning of the new month). Hallel is recited during the evening prayers