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1.Wikipedia still has a moderator diversity problem. Its new chief wants to fix it.

She also outlined her early policy priorities, how she thinks sites can better handle covid-19 misinformation and what she ...

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2.Wikipedia Is Trying to Transcend the Limits of Human Language

Until recently, a small Wikipedia edition said Dianne Feinstein was San Francisco's mayor. This project could help avoid that ...

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3.How quickly do algorithms improve?

MIT computer scientists have crunched data from 57 textbooks and more than 1,110 research papers to trace the history of how ...

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4.One Woman’s Mission to Rewrite Nazi History on Wikipedia

Ksenia Coffman’s fellow editors have called her a vandal and a McCarthyist. She just wants them to stop glorifying ...

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5.12 celebrities who use rolling gender pronouns

Stars like Kehlani and Elliot Page use rolling pronouns that can shift over time. People may use pronouns like they, he, and ...

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6.‘It has nothing to do with Lorde’

Lorde's te reo Māori mini-album Te Ao Mārama has prompted passionate conversation in Māori communities, and exposed the ...

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7.How Many Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards Are There?

This game quickly became popular and remains popular today, turning Yu-Gi-Oh! into one of the highest-grossing media ...

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8.Designing UX in non-startup tech

How and what to do when we designing UX for companies where the culture, goals, environment, products are totally different ...

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9.Lottery opens for 267 affordable units at new Forest Hills complex, from $738/month

Qualifying New Yorkers earning 50, 70, 110, and 140 percent of the area median income can apply for the units, which range ...

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10.Lorde’s Māori-language EP, ‘Te Ao Mārama,’ is for Everyone

Fresh off the release of her third studio album, “Solar Power,” Lorde surprised fans by dropping a surprise EP, “Te Ao Mārama ...

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11.America Gets Tammy Faye Bakker Wrong — Again

A crop of biopics and documentaries over the last decade have reimagined America’s maligned tabloid icons — to varying ...

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12.Doc and roll: Why we’re living in the golden age of music documentaries

No longer empty hagiographies, docs like ‘Framing Britney’ and ‘Reclaiming Amy’ can change the way we think about pop culture ...

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Wikipedia sayings about complexity wikipedia

1.Irreducible complexity

Irreducible complexity (IC) is the argument that certain biological systems cannot have evolved by successive small modifications to pre-existing functional complexity

2.Quantum complexity theory

Quantum complexity theory is the subfield of computational complexity theory that deals with complexity classes defined using quantum computers, a computational complexity theory