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1.Today’s MLB Prop Bets, Picks and Predictions: Cards Starter on a Tear

Free picks for MLB prop bets on September 18, swinging at today's MLB props and giving our best MLB prop picks, predictions ...

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2.AI Disruption: What VCs Are Betting On

To be disrupted, you have to believe the AI is going to make 10x better recommendations than what’s available today,” said ...

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3.Your AI and ML primer — and why it matters for search; Friday’s daily brief

Search Engine Land’s daily brief features daily insights, news, tips, and essential bits of wisdom for today’s search ...

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4.Mile High Sports Week 1 NFL Betting Guide

It's only right to cover the biggest betting sport in the country from a local perspective to make sure Colorado bettors are ...

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5.Mile High Sports Week 2 NFL Betting Primer

Aniello Piro is back with another NFL betting primer to get you ready to fire off some educated bets come Sunday!

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6.Covid testing for travel explained – Q&A

We unravel what tests you need to book when you return from your next holiday, where to book, whether kids need them and more ...

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7.The Big South African Space Bet: You can’t have a race without a road

South Africa’s approach to space operations seems grounded in research contribution, skills development and job creation – ...

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8.Apple’s Upgrades Were Modest, and Maybe That Was the Point

This is the free version of Power On. If you like it, consider subscribing to—you'll receive this newsletter ...

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9.Biological age reversal seems closer than it’s ever been

Scientists are making strides towards reprogramming cells to reverse their ageing and potentially cure age-related diseases, ...

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10.Kenan Institute: Supply shortages here to stay?

In the wake of the pandemic, global supply chain challenges have driven massive product shortages and rising prices on goods, ...

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2.Sickle cell disease

Terrin ML, Moore RD, Dover GJ, Barton FB, Eckert SV, McMahon RP, Bonds DR (May 1995). "Effect of hydroxyurea on the frequency of painful crises in sickle cell disease