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1.Savings rates: Best deals shared as inflation is to 'whittle' away over £3k from savers

INFLATION figures were released recently as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) confirmed the Consumer Price Index (CPI) ...

From : Daily Express

2.National Insurance warning: Britons could be hit with 'higher prices' after tax hike

NATIONAL INSURANCE will be hiked by the Government, but an economist tells that this plan could lead to higher ...

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3.FinTech’s Role in Revolutionizing Annuities

This market has long been ripe for digitization, and the rise of fintech is the tailwind needed to have a long-lasting impact ...

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4.French savers test waters for riskier investments

French savers have begun to shift some of the piles of cash they built up under COVID-19 restrictions towards more ...

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5.How inflation will affect pensioners, savers, and small businesses

Who is hit hardest by inflation? While rising prices tend to be bad news for most of us, the way it manifests will be ...

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6.The world sweats during China’s vacation

The impact of the policy-remedy to China's property market excesses is spreading across global markets. But they would bounce ...

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7.7 Ways to Create Your Own Stimulus Check

If you're missing the cash infusion from stimulus payments, consider these painless ways to create more wealth.

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8.Motortrade’s September treat | Super September Savers

This promo runs until September 30, 2021, only, and customers may avail of this promo through our Motortrade Mindanao ...

From : Mindanao Times

9.Take a break from spending big on your next getaway with these simple tricks

TRAVEL rules are about to change and holidaying could soon return to normal. The traffic-light system will be scrapped from ...

From : The Sun

10.️ IN THE WEEK PAST: Uganda marks Labour Day, Museveni to meet workers

Close to three months after the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Amendment Bill was passed by Parliament, President ...

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11.Inflation is rising! How I’m planning to fight it

Inflation is rising much higher than the Bank of England's target. Here's why it's a problem and what I might update my ...

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12.FTSE 100 down 5% in a month. Will the ‘October curse’ strike again?

The FTSE 100 has lost almost 5% of its value since its 2021 peak on 13 August. Will October bring more share slumps? And what ...

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