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1.Options shrink for Haitian migrants straddling Texas border

The options remaining for thousands of Haitian migrants straddling the Mexico-Texas border are narrowing as the United States ...

From : Kansas City Star

2.On the Scene with Thousands of Haitian Migrants at Texas Border — amid Reports of Possible Whippings

Haitian migrants expressed fear and worries about their children as the U.S. reportedly moved to expel some 12,000 of them ...

From : Yahoo

3.600 more Homeland Security agents sent to Del Rio, Texas, amid Haitian migrant crisis: What we know

More than 14,500 migrants gathered at a camp under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, to open an asylum claim are now facing rapid ...

From : MSN

4.Outrage As Biden Administration Rapidly Deports Haitian Migrants From Texas Border

Border Patrol agents were filmed on horseback whipping ropes at Haitian refugees attempting to cross into the U.S.

From : HuffPost

5.US starts flying Haitian migrants home from Texas

Three flights carrying Haitians have reportedly left Texas for Port-au-Prince after an influx of border crossings. Haiti's ...

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6.Hundreds of Haitian migrants expelled from Texas

On Sunday, the United States flew more than 320 Haitian migrants to Port-au-Prince, removing them from an encampment in Del ...

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7.Photos: Scenes from the US-Mexico border as Haitian migrants camp in Texas

The U.S. has begun the mass expulsion of thousands of Haitian migrants from a Texas border town. See photos from the border: ...

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8.US launches mass expulsion of Haitian migrants from Texas

The only obvious parallel for such an expulsion without an opportunity to seek asylum was in 1992 when the Coast Guard ...

From : India Times

9.The Question On Everyone’s Mind Should Be How Did The Haitians Get To Mexico

So far 35,000 Haitians have come to America and are hanging out. How are they going to be fed or housed? Are they being ...

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10.Del Rio live updates: Haitian migrants begin leaving Texas encampment for Mexico

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas is expected to arrive in Del Rio with additional personnel as officials ...

From : El Paso Times

11.In Mass Expulsion, The U.S. Begins Flying Haitian Migrants Home From Texas

The United States is flying Haitians camped in a Texas border town back to their homeland. This comes as Democrats attempt to include immigration overhaul in their spending bill.

From : South Dakota Public Broadcasting

12.Shocking photos show Haitian migrants swimming across the Rio Grand into Mexico and being confronted by Border Patrol agents on horses

The estimated 14,000 mainly Haitian migrants that ended up in Del Rio, Texas, are now heading back to Mexico to avoid being ...

From : Yahoo

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2.Hispanic and Latino Americans

Mexican migrant men who participated in the study reported elevated levels of depressive symptoms. In recent years, the length of stay for migrants has increased and Latino Americans