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1.The stink bugs are coming. Here's how to ward them off.

Board up your windows and lock your doors, the stink bugs are coming.   The brown marmorated stink bug is an ...

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2.Stink bug in reader’s yard is a friend, not a foe

Please take a look at this bug I recently spotted on a gate on my property. It was actually very pretty with the dark blue ...

From : Citrus County Chronicle Online

3.Bed bugs: Noticing an odour of either a type of herb or some fruit could be signs to spot

BED bug warnings can be identified before even noticing any strange and unusual bites on your body. Smelling certain odours in your home could be a clear indication you have bed bugs.

From : Daily Express

4.Plant Lovers’ Almanac: Stink bugs, lady beetles and other fall invaders can be a nuisance at home

First, we had the fall armyworm invasion. Then yesterday I noticed another fall invader on my towel rack: a brown marmorated ...

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5.Seven plants that will keep spiders out of your house… and they’ll make it smell great too

IT’S safe to say, spiders aren’t the most loved creepy crawlie you can find in your home. The majority of us will admit that ...

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6.How the SAS Australia stars beat bad body odour WITHOUT deodorant

They may have had to fall 100 feet into a river or carry heavy sandbags and ammunition containers along a gruelling 4km ...

From : Daily Mail

7.Wet year leads to invasion of stinky black beetles

A bumper crop of smelly black beetles has descended on Southern Arizona to eat other bugs brought to life by all the rain.

From : Arizona Daily Star

8.September is spider mating season: How to get of horny spiders from your house using plants

Coming across a spider or two in the home can be a stressful ordeal for those with a striking fear of spiders – but it’s ...

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9.How Long After Bed Bug Treatment Can I Return Home?

How long after bed bug treatment can I return home? Let’s discover it by continuing to read this detailed content!

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10.Invasion of the armyworms! How to protect your lawn, according to the experts

When you have a lush, green lawn, you want to keep it looking that way. But there's a tiny enemy out there that wants to ...

From : Yahoo News Singapore

11.Woman Shares Clever Hack To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

A TikTok user has revealed how to get rid of fruit flies from inside the house - and people can't believe they didn't think ...

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12.Spider season in Newcastle: 13 ways to get rid of spiders in your home

As spider season gets into full swing, here are 13 hints and tips on how to deal with unwanted leggy house guests ...

From : Evening Chronicle

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