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1.Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales said he secretly lived in Argentina for a month after reading 'The 4-Hour Workweek' by Tim Ferriss

Jimmy Wales, cofounder of Wikipedia, revealed he secretly moved to Argentina for a month after reading Tim Ferriss's book ...

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2.Mighty BUFF: The bomber that just won't die

When the first B-52 bomber took flight on June 29, 1955, at Castle Air Force Base, Calif., for Air Force Gen. Curtis LeMay's ...

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3.From Wizards to Wernham Hogg to Wikipedia: 21 memorable moments from music and popular culture in 2001

It was also the year a brand new device was launched that allowed your entire record collection to be kept in your pocket, a ...

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4.On This Day: Air show crash in Reno, Nev., kills 11

On Sept. 16, 2011, a fighter plane crashed into a crowd of onlookers at the National Championship Air Races and Air Show in ...

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5.The Main Event El Santo The Masked Wrestler 20210917

The Main Event El Santo The Masked Wrestler 20210917 is a photograph by Wingsdomain Art and Photography which was uploaded on ...

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6.Hitchcock's MacGuffin in Spy Novels, Movies, and Literature

Alfred Hitchcock explained the term MacGuffin in a 1939 lecture at Columbia University:[We] have a name in the studio, and we ...

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7.Bryan Brown lands new role in rattling yarns with Sweet Jimmy

Crime confuses me. I suffer from Anxiety Impatience Syndrome and always read the last chapter of any novel straight after the first and when I watch a TV series Wiki is essential because I need to ...

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8.Hibernia: Irish Eye On Hollywood

Netflix is Continuing to Rely on Irish to Lure Viewers. Among the streaming giant’s latest offerings is a true-crim ...

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9.Irish chef Clodagh McKenna discusses her Downton Abbey wedding and filming new Irish tourism series for ITV

Newlywed Irish chef and TV presenter Clodagh McKenna has confirmed she is currently filming a TV show touring Ireland and ...

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10.David Chase On Reviving ‘Sopranos’ Spirit With ‘The Many Saints Of Newark’ And High Interest In Another Prequel Film

EXCLUSIVE: Some 14 years after he said all he had to say about a Jersey mob family, and ended The Sopranos in shocking ...

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11.Joseph Gordon-Levitt masks up to celebrate Te Wiki o te Reo Māori

He shared a snap of himself in the face mask featuring the hei tiki logo for this year's Te Wiki o te Reo Māori - Māori Language Week - which takes place from September 13 to 19. "This is my mask," he ...

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12.Skype alumni head to court in a battle over Starship Technologies and Wire

A new lawsuit threatens a decades-long collaboration that brought Skype, robot delivery startup Starship Technologies and ...

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Wikipedia sayings about jimmy ferrara actor wikipedia

1.Giancarlo Esposito

video "California" by French superstar Mylene Farmer, directed by Abel Ferrara. Esposito played FBI agent Mike Giardello on the TV crime drama Homicide: Esposito

2.Rescue Me (American TV series)

firefighter Jimmy Keefe (James McCaffrey), as well as 59 other firefighters whom he knew who died in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Jimmy frequently Me (American TV series)