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1.US Capitol violence: Protest in support of 'J6' rioters in amid tight security

Protestors gathered in front of the US Capitol on Saturday in support of the January 6 rioters. Dozens held a rally in ...

From : Hindustan Times

2.Donald Trump Jr. mocked men he alleged were undercover law enforcement officers who attended the failed 'Justice for J6' rally

The "Justice for J6" rally, in support of Capitol rioters charged with crimes, attracted few protesters but there was a large ...

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3.'Justice for J6' Rallygoers Slam Republican Absence After Organizer Said Some Would Speak

"We're going to have some very high-profile speakers there. We're going to have members of Congress speak," rally organizer ...

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4.'Justice for J6' Photos Show Low Attendance, Overwhelming Media and Police Presence

The sparsely-attended "Justice for J6" rally concluded Saturday mid-afternoon after hours of speeches without any known major ...

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5.‘Justice for J6’ rally falls short of attendance expectations, security threats

The highly anticipated “Justice for J6” rally on Saturday fell short of fears that the event could be a potential sequel to ...

From : Washington Times

6.Protesters hold 'Justice for J6' rally at US Capitol

A permit for the rally indicated 700 people would attend, while intelligence suggested numbers closer to 300-500. However, ...

From : China Daily

7.Capitol rally live: Justice for J6 rally sees small turnout, heavy police presence

However, there are concerns that the protest could attract extremist groups with other, more nefarious grievances – including ...

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8.Photos: Who were the protesters who showed up to the Justice for J6 rally in DC

There were far more police officers — and journalists — than the 150 to 200 protesters who attended the Justice for J6 rally ...

From : Business Insider

9.'Justice for J6' updates: Rally concludes without any known major incidents

The "Justice for J6" rally was billed as a protest for defendants being detained in connection with the January insurrection ...

From : My Central Oregon

10.Police: Man with gun arrested at ‘Justice for J6’ rally

U.S. Capitol Police say a man with a handgun was arrested on Saturday at the “Justice for J6” rally near the Capitol.

From : Washington Times

11.‘Are you undercover?’ WATCH riot cops at Justice for J6 rally detain masked man with a GUN… and a badge?

Among just four people detained during the remarkably nonviolent Justice for J6 rally in Washington, DC, was an armed man who ...

From : RT

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