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This would give Mexico more funding for vaquita protection, along with international assistance for this rarest of porpoises. In 2017 the UNESCO World Heritage Committee gave Mexico one year to ...

From : Center for Biological Diversity

2.The World Trade Center Was Hated Even Before It Was Built

WTC architect Minoru Yamasaki was a high profile designer with populist appeal when he appeared on the cover of Time in 1963.

From : The Daily Beast

3.Inside dolphin massacre 'The Grind' as even hunters 'appalled' after 1,400 killed in WEEK

WARNING - GRAPHIC PICTURES. The bloody annual tradition in the Faroe Islands dates back to the Vikings, but this year's grim ...

From : The Mirror

4.Real vaquita protection needed now and for Mexico’s next dying species

A recent petition to the USMCA aims to save the porpoise but also set precedent to mitigate future Gulf of California ...

From : Mexico News Daily

5.Sussex Dolphin Project slams Faroe Islands dolphin slaughter

A WILDLIFE charity has described the slaughter of more than 1,000 dolphins in the Faroe Islands as “horrifying.” ...

From : The Argus

6.Seeing Earth exhibition on show in Westport

Seeing Earth, is an exhibition by Pauline Garavan which is currently showing in the Custom House Studios + Gallery in ...

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7.World leaders must take bold, transformative measures to protect threatened species

Will Travers, Executive President of Born Free Foundation, on the urgent need for a global response to end wildlife crime ...

From : The Independent

8.In an Increasingly Noisy Arctic, Will Narwhals Fall Silent?

As industrial noise in the Arctic increases, narwhals, known for their rich array of sounds, appear likely to fall ...

From : The New Yorker

9.Faroe Islands defends slaughter of 1,428 dolphins that turned sea red with blood

This is the result of an unprecedented massacre of nearly 1,500 dolphins off the coast of the Faroe Islands in just one ...

From : Metro

10.Ex-SeaWorld trainers claim ‘self-harming’ killer whales were starved, drugged & so stressed they got stomach ulcers

SEAWORLD has long battled claims about the conditions its captive killer whales are kept in, including allegations they suffer such acute stress they become ill, aggressive and die early. This ...

From : The Sun

11.New research examines dolphin diets in a changing environment

A new publication examines the diet and habitat use of common bottlenose dolphins in relation to environmental disturbances. Using small, biopsied skin samples, DISL’s Marine Mammal Research Program ...

From : KLAS Press Release

Wikipedia sayings about what is the smallest cetacean in the world?


(Balaenopteridae) are the largest group of baleen whales, a family with eleven extant species in three genera. They include what is believed to be the largest animal

2.Antarctic minke whale

It is the second smallest rorqual after the common minke whale and the third smallest baleen whale. Although first scientifically described in the mid-19th minke whale