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1.From Industrial Engineer to the Architect of Clemson's Offense: The Tony Elliott Story

Before anyone else, Kim Neal knew Tony Elliott was destined to be a football coach. For almost two years, Elliott worked ...

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2.Cadillac's Blackwing Cars Are The Last Combustion Powered Sedans That Matter

I’ve been more than pretty sure these two cars would be special since I heard they were coming. Driving the regular CT5-V ...

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3.How a band of motorhead execs hatched the Dodge Viper

Now and again, lightning strikes the Motor City. These rogue bursts of energy once nudged Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin ...

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4.El Pocho’s: A Triumph in Simplicity and the Best Damn Burrito I’ve Ever Had

You may be thinking, “Who is this Robby dude to tell me what food is good?” but look. I have no concrete proof, but I am very ...

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5.The best luxury hotels in Rome

The most luxurious places for a Rome stay, from noble palazzos on the Spanish Steps and five-star hotels to Michelin-starred dining.

From : The Times

Wikipedia sayings about what is the actual name of the michelin man

1.Chevrolet Corvette (C7)

(430.9 kg) of downforce at top speed. The ZTK package also fits the ZR1 with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires instead of the standard Michelin Super Sport Corvette (C7)


the mouth of the River Douro in the north of what is now Portugal. The name of the city is from the Latin word for port or harbour, portus, but the second