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1.‘LulaRich’: How Many Episodes of the LulaRoe Documentary Are There?

Find out everything you need to know about LulaRich, including how many episodes the LulaRoe documentary is and whether it's currently streaming on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

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2.LuLaRoe Exposed: Inside an Alleged Billion-Dollar “Pyramid Scheme”

Lawsuit-plagued clothing company LuLaRoe—famous for its leggings—is the subject of Amazon’s new docuseries ‘LuLaRich,’ ...

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3.How LuLaRoe Made Its Founders Rich While So Many Others Went Bankrupt

A new Amazon documentary from the makers of "Fyre Fraud" looks at the once-ubiquitous multilevel marketing company LuLaRoe ...

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4.“Wealth is a higher power”: Amazon's “LuLaRich” & the ultimate suburban white women "pyramid scheme"

Amazon's “LuLaRich” explores how LuLaRoe used women’s empowerment language as a honey trap to ensnare thousands of women ...

From : Salon

5.Back to School, for Now

It’s a low-key way to appreciate what’s happening now while recognizing that it’s not ... The four-part documentary series ...

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6.I Was Not Prepared For The Bonkers Ride Of ‘LuLaRich’

I was totally obsessed with LuLaRoe. Listen, those leggings were the most comfortable thing I had ever put on my body. Before ...

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7.‘LulaRich’: Kelly Clarkson’s Private LulaRoe Concert Made at Least 1 Employee Boycott the Singer

The Amazon Prime Video documentary, 'LulaRich' reveals the reason at least 1 employee boycotted Kelly Clarkson after the ...

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8.How the LuLaRoe Pyramid Scheme Became the Explosive Amazon Docuseries ‘LuLaRich’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Nason had only been working for a few months on “LuLaRich,” their docuseries about the ...

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9.Amazon’s ‘LuLaRich’ Documentary Explores the MLM Leggings Debacle

Click here to read the full article. LuLaRoe: the company is synonymous with social media multilevel marketing and colorful ...

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10.What to Watch Friday: Entertaining doc series looks at doomed LuLaRoe empire

This extremely entertainng four-part documentary series examines the multilevel-marking (MLM) empire LuLaRoe, and its ...

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11.Could true comedy be the next true crime?

It was late 2015 when Netflix dropped the true crime series Making a Murderer. Suddenly everyone in the world knew who Steven ...

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12.How can we thrive with economic and employment systems that rely on inequality?: Column

We cannot afford to have a country in which workers are exploited and people just don’t believe the system is fair.

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