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1.SpaceX set to launch 1st all-civilian flight to Earth's orbit

SpaceX ready for takeoff of 1st all-civilian journey to Earth’s orbit The first all-civilian flight to Earth's orbit is set ...

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2.First all-civilian space crew set to blast off on SpaceX rocket

It is the first time in 60 years of human spaceflight that no professional astronaut is aboard an orbit-bound rocket.

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3.Watch LIVE: SpaceX launches all-civilian flight

SpaceX aimed to blast a billionaire into orbit Wednesday evening with his two contest winners and a health care worker who ...

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4.SpaceX all-civilian flight is set for 8:02 p.m. launch tonight

Inspriation4 is set to launch an all civilian team into space at 8pm tonight. The crew will man a three-day orbital journey.

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5.SpaceX launch, Inspiration4: Five things to know about all-civilian space flight

SpaceX has been launching rockets from the Space Coast for years, and began launching humans to space last year. But ...

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6.All stations go for launch: world’s first civilian space flight ready for liftoff

If all goes according to plan, in just a few hours another billionaire will add his name to the very exclusive list of people ...

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7.SpaceX Inspiration4 mission, the first ever all-civilian flight to space, ready for take-off

The first space flight without a professional astronaut on board is due to blast off tomorrow, representing "a new era for ...

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8.Roanoke man celebrates his dad’s 86th birthday by witnessing first all-civilian SpaceX launch

Four private citizens are set to launch into orbit Wednesday in what will be the first mission to space without any ...

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9.The 1st All-Civilian Space Mission Into Orbit Is Preparing For Takeoff

The first all-civilian space mission into orbit is expected to take flight from Kennedy Space Center on Wednesday evening. Private company SpaceX is running the mission — not NASA. Get a quick ...

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10.How to Watch Inspiration 4 Blast Off for the First All-Civilian Orbital Space Flight

Barring any inclement weather, the Inspiration 4 mission is scheduled to take off tonight—Wednesday Sept. 15—around 8 p.m.

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11.In defence of Elon Musk, the woke-riling space billionaire launching the first all-civilian space flight

Many decry the likes of Musk, Bezos and Branson, but humanity needs a frontier and, though for some it may just be a ...

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12.The first all-civilian SpaceX flight is set to launch next week from Kennedy Space Center

The three-day mission is the first ever all-private trip to orbit. A Netflix docuseries "Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to ...

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Wikipedia sayings about all civilian space flight

1.Project Mercury

newly created civilian space agency NASA, it conducted 20 uncrewed developmental flights (some using animals), and six successful flights by astronauts Mercury

2.Christopher Sembroski

"Meet First All-Civilian Space Crew, Who Are 'Pushing Boundaries' on Inspiration4-SpaceX Mission". People. Nancy Dunn (30 March 2021). "Two space fans – including Sembroski